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All of these JSON files have a structure that is very similar to the demo on http://seductiveapps.com/tools/json (with the default dataset that you can hit the "validate" button for on that page). The only difference is the last array key, which is much larger in these JSON files listed in this repository than it is on the demo page on the URL mentioned in this comment.

I make these files available for free under the LGPL license (meaning completely free for all usage types, with permission for you to change and re-distribute these JSON sample data files), as a means to see the JSON dataformat grow into the range of gigabytes of data, for use in actual databases and web/desktop apps.

The following JSON editors are currently compatible with JSON files this large: http://jsonlint.com/ http://tomeko.net/software/JSONedit/

I have several (big, unfinished) plans for the JSON dataformat myself, (including automatic splitup and recombination of JSON datasets that are larger than 10 megabyte, as well as a smarty-like template engine for use within the JSON dataformat) which will be announced in due time on http://seductiveapps.com/tools/json

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