node bindings for IronMQ
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IronMQ Node Client

Getting Started


npm install ironmq

You can get your token and project_id at . Queues are created on the fly as you ask for them.

The Basics

Put a message on a queue:

var ironmq = require('ironmq')
  .put('hello world'
      , function callBack(err, obj) {
          obj.ids // array of ids posted

Get a message from a queue:

var ironmq = require('ironmq')
  .get(function callBack(err, msgs) {
          msgs    //array of msgs gotten
          var msg = msgs.pop()
      // id of message
          msg.body    // message data
          msg.timeout // time until msg returns to queue
          msg.del     // function to delete this message

When you pop/get a message from the queue, it will NOT be deleted. It will eventually go back onto the queue after a timeout if you don't delete it (default timeout is 10 minutes).

Delete a message from a queue:

var ironmq = require('ironmq')
      , function callBack(err, obj) {
          obj.msg === 'Deleted'

Delete a message from the queue when you're done with it.

Project Selection

// list projects
var ironmq = require('ironmq')
ironmq('token').list(function(err, obj) {
  obj  // array of project objects

var client  = ironmq('token')
var project = client('project_id')

var project = ironmq('token').projects('project_id')

var project = ironmq('token')('project_id')

Queue Selection

Similar to project selection, any of the following:

  1. project.list(function(err, obj){} to get an array of queues
  2. var queue = project.queues('my_queue')
  3. var queue = project('mq_queue')

Queue Information, obj) {
  obj.size    // number of msg's in this queue
  obj.time    // new Date when this size was gotten
  obj.get     // get messages from this queue
  obj.put     // put messages on this queue
  obj.del     // delete messages from this queue    // update the size property for this queue

project.queues('my_queue', function(err, queue) {})

project('my_queue', function(err, queue) {})