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Place to put helpfull loggly custom comands

Getting Started



The Basics

The purpose is to make setting date ranges easy range fromValue > untilValue

But I did not want to force us to use 8601, so range 3/10/12 > 3/11/12 works fine. Anything that will parse in js new Date() is valid. In addition you can specify the range backwards range 3/11/12 < 3/10/12

I try to do the right things with relative and partial time values as well.

Additional Features

Given a date with no time, from values floor to 00:00:00 and until values celing to 11:59:59 range 3/11/12 > 3/11/12

Given a time with no date I will use the date for the given element If from = '2012-01-01T9:30:00Z' then range 10:30 should set from = '2012-01-01T10:30:00Z'

Don't think to hard about the time zones, hopefully they work out. If not let me know and try and fix it.

FROM+ and UNTIL+ are valid values. So range FROM-10MINUTES will move your from time back 10 minutes.

If you leave off the FROM|UNTIL like range -10MINUTES Then I am optomized to shorten the range. So in the above example I would set the from time to 10 minutes before the until time. Similarly range +10MINUTES would move the from time forward 10 minutes. The until option works exatly the same way.

Maybe all that is a little long winded. Try it like this, sugar on the left, non-sugar on the right

range -10MINUTES         range UNTIL-10MINUTES
range +10MINUTES         range FROM+10MINUTES
range -10MINUTES <       range UNTIL-10MINUTES
range +10MINUTES <       range FROM+10MINUTES

I don't know if this is the perfect way. Maybe it would be better to follow the operator? Let me know


range 4:30 > +10MINUTES