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<h4 id="256dark-screenshots">Screenshots</h4>
Here is a [1920pxx1200px screenshot]( of a prepared [tmux](
-It is captured from a gnome-terminal using the [dz-version of the awesome Inconsolata font](
+It is captured from a [gnome-terminal]( using the [dz-version of the awesome Inconsolata font]( but you can use any [libvte]( based terminal emulator (and other emulator which support 256colors).
+I recently switched to [sakura]( and my decision was based on [this comparison]( and the priming that the gnome-terminal was too slow and too fat.
* **upper left** - Common colors in action: Executables, archives, audio/video stuff, dead links
* **lower left** - latex directory: tex-trash is in comment style and tex are main files of interest and highlighted

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