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⚠️ seebye/ueberzug is not maintained

First of all: I decided not to work on this project anymore.

ueberzug was a tool which allowed to hack image support into terminal emulators if they fulfilled certain properties.
So it was not made to compete with projects which try to establish a standard for images in terminals like SIXEL, kittys image protocol or similar,
but more it was thought to help during the time in which these protocols are supported to rarely.
It will stop working at the latest if you are forced to switch to wayland.
Such an tool may also increase the adoption time of these image protocols which is why I suggest not to fork this project,
but to move to one of the terminal emulators which have image support.
E.g. SIXEL is already supported by the following terminal emulators:
foot, konsole, wezterm, xterm, Yakuake, Zellij and so on (Source:

If you decide to fork the project none the less it would be nice from you to change or remove the author name in all files.


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