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A spritesheet rendering plugin for Blender.

Blender addon GUI

What it does

Renders the scene from multiple directions and saves the results as separate files.

Multiple frames can be rendered. The animation frame range is read from the regular Start Frame and End Frame rendering properties.


Create an Empty and make the models to be rotated its children. This can be done by selecting all the objects, picking the parent Empty object last and pressing Ctrl+P.

Then set the correct settings from the Sprite Batch Rendering section of the Render-tab for controls. You can see the rendering status messages in the system console (Window > Toggle System Console). Click Render Batch to begin rendering.

Note: the rendering process can't be canceled once started, so make sure your Frame Range and image resolution are correct.

Example .blend file

http://www.lofibucket.com/blender/suzanne2.blend is an example how to set up the scene for sprite rendering.

The setup is the following:

  • Camera projection is set to orthographic mode
  • Scene render size is set to 128x128
  • Frame range has been set to 0-0
  • Sky color is set to transparent.

Path format

Output path must be of format


where %s and %s will be replaced by frame name and rotation step respectively.

Step names

When rendering ZDoom compatible sprites, the following naming schemes need to be used.

  • 8 steps, set step names to 12345678 (default)
  • 16 steps, set step names to 192A3B4C5D6E7F8G


Written for Blender 2.76b.

  1. Download sprite_batch_render.py directly or as a .zip archive..
  2. In Blender User Preferences, press the Install from File... button and pick the downloaded sprite_batch_render.py. You should now see the plugin under the Render section in the Add-on listing.
  3. Enable the plugin by checking the small checkbox on the right hand side of the plugin name.

You should now see the Sprite Batch Rendering controls under the Render tab of the Outliner.


  • If you want lighting to stay constant, also parent the light to the root Empty object.


MIT License, see COPYING for details.