Project to help people report the white hat group and associated people to the authorities so a proper investigation can be done
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Ways to improve this document
  1. Improve reporting agency information
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  3. Add email addresses of staff of reporting/tip agencies that are right juristiction.

Exercise our legal rights, call for a full investigation

BOTH affected members of the community and others who are watching this massive financial crime happen, watching it actively hurting innocent people and tarnishing the reputation of all cryptocurrencies request an official investigation from our legal systems.

Who to report them to?

  1. Switzerland Fedpol who handles corruption with non-profits
  2. Switzerland Financial authorities that Bity SA is are registered with
  3. Local authorities who will contact and work with Swiss authorities

Switzerland will investigate

Switzerland is in the middle of a policy shift regarding financial crimes, while it was once considered a safe haven for financial crime, they are now actively taking action to crack down and they actively cooperate with legal international investigations so it is worth reporting to local investigations too.

Swiss public encouraged to report corruption

What do I send?

I will be sending the letter at the bottom of this page, to the authorities, you can use this letter, but it is recommended that you read it, correct any errors you see, make changes, add details that were missed.

Swiss Financial & Cybercrime Authorities

Report to the three Swiss agencies.

Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

FINMA issued a liscense to Bity SA. Laupenstrasse 27, 3003 Bern Phone +41 31 327 91 00, Fax +41 31 327 91 01


Email addresses of FINMA staff:

Email addresses of Federal Police staff:

Report to Swiss Cybercrime Unit


Swiss Federal Office of Police

Swiss Federal office of police actively encourages people to report corruption. They have built a special hotline, corruption they want reported includes:

"non-profit organisations (such as associations or foundations) in order to gain an unjustifiable material or immaterial advantage."

Report to Swiss Federal Police

Evidence that Ethereum has been abusing their non-profit to protect DAO assets, using Ethereum resources to promote the DAO, ignoring their mission of decentralization when unilaterally deciding to hard-fork, using the knowledge they will hard fork to trade on insider knowledge and colluding to lower the market value of other cryptocurrencies.

I will be sending the letter at the bottom of this page, to the authorities, you can use this letter, but it is recommended that you read it, correct any errors you see, make changes, add details that were missed.

Price manipulation using Ethereum Foundation resources for material gain

Chat logs from leaked Ethereum Foundation chat log indicating they were colluding to control the price of competing cryptocurrency


Failing stated mission, then using insider knowledge from internal chats to trade

Despite operating a Swiss non-profit with money raised by the community for the "mission to promote and support research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols"

They instead made all the decisions centrally, in internal chats, promoted security/assets that Ethereum Foundation members owned, built on Ethereum using their non-profit.

Chat log between Ethereum Foundation and Exchange Operators


Pull request stating that decision to implement the hard fork in the client used by roughly 95%+ would be defaulting to the option that benefited them the most financially.

"default behavior of Geth to be pro-fork as per internal discussions"


They used insider knowledge about the fork to trade

"@junseth I will provide my opinion in the way that @Truthcoin would approve of: I have been buying DAO tokens since the security news"


Foundation member telling people when and when not to buy securities they had invested in

"We are doing a white hat attack. More news to follow. Do not panic. Do not sell."

Involvement in the "White Hat Group"/"Robin Hood Group" hack that were then sold to support a cryptocurrency they created and started supporting, which they had a history of doing as seen in the Skype chat

"Bit more info: this isn't spur of the moment. A lot of people have worked around the clock for several days now to prepare for this. The community (individuals from the eth foundation, devs, security experts, ethcore, slock, etc) all came together to organize a response, which is currently ongoing." Source:

Alex Van De Sande, or avsa on reddit and twitter, of the Swiss non-profit The Ethereum foundation is now denying any responsibility, or association, likely because of the legal fallout of recent events. But Alex was clearly involved with organizing the white hat group clearly was involved with organizing. He was seen organizing on as seen in the screen shot below. Source:*bY93URPw8UvehJXPcP2Qtg.jpeg

And more reddit posts with the titles

"We are doing a white hat attack on the DAO." by avsa. Source:

Local Financial & Cybercrime Authorities

I will be sending the letter included, to the authorities, you can use this letter, but it is recommended that you read it, correct any errors you see, make changes, add details that were missed.

Canadian Citizens

(1) Report fraud and financial crime directly to the Candian government

CIC staff email addresses:

(2) Report to the anti fraud centre of Canada

(3) Report online crime to Vancouver police

US Citizens

(1) Important Report the crime to SEC who will contact and work with Swiss authorities

It is often better to get a list of direct email addresses to staff to get more immediate action because this crime is in progress.

SEC email addresses:

FINRA email addresses:

(2) Report directly to the FBI, it will get routed to IC3, cybercrime unit.

FBI Corporate fraud hotline 888-622-0117


FBI email addresses:
DOJ email addresses:

(3) Individuals who suspect possible corporate fraud may report suspicious activity to the FBI in Washington, DC, via a toll-free Corporate Fraud Hotline. The number is (888) 622- 0117. The Hotline is manned Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by FBI analysts.

(4) Report online and computer crime to Federal Trade Commission.

NASDAQ carried advertisements that appeared to be articles

News Organizations

Anti-corruption activist & NGOs


UK Citizens

(1) Report cybercrime and fraud to UK police

(2) Report crime to crimestoppers

(3) Specialist Crime OCU Fraud Squad Wellington House, 67-73 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6BE +44 (0) 20 7230 1220

(4) Serious fraud office for complex fraud

News Organization

Serious Fraud Office email addresses:

(4) Department of Trade and Industry. 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET Tel: 0207 215 5000

Norway Citizens

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MFA staff email addresses:

Australian Citizens

(1) Report crime to Australian Federal Police

(2) Report to Australian crimestoppers

New Zealand Citizens

(1) Report to your government

EU Citizens

(1) Europol connects law enforcement agencies in Europe

Swiss Citizens

(1) Report corruption, with corporations and non-profits

(2) Report the incident to the cybercrime unit

International & United Nations

General information

(1) Report crime to interpol, special instructions for financial crime

(2) Report crime with international organizations to protect consumers

Who to report, the "White Hat Group":

Bity SA, fomerly SBEX SA
Rue des Usines 44
2000 Neuchâtel
  1. Alexis Roussel - Co-founder
  2. Gian Bochsler - Co-founder
  3. The Swiss non-profit Ethereum Foundation
  4. Alex De San GMBH
Schillerstr. Mittweida, Germany
Company Registration: HRB 30026
  1. Stephan Tual - Founder & COO
  2. Christoph Jentzsch - Founder & CTO
  3. Simon Jentzsch - Founder & CEO
Swiss non-profit Ethereum Foundation (Stiftung Ethereum)
Zug, Switzerland
  1. Vitalik Buterin
  2. Jeffrey Wilcke
  3. Fabian Vogelsteller
  4. Alex Van De Sande

Letter for authorities

The newest version is included in this project.