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xQuisite Corpsing

Welcome to xQuisite Corpsing, an experimental, left-field way of learning about the human body, as well as getting the creative, poetic juices flowing. You can visit the deployed app and get started straight away here, or you can read on below to find out a bit more, but my suggestion is you go look at the project 'cold', so to speak, with no clues as to how to use it or, indeed, what it even does (if anything) - this is entirely within the exploratory, educational and hopefully mysterious spirit of the project.

Current Build

xQuisite Corpsing is currently optimized for desktop/laptop use - without wanting to give too much away, productive and fun exploration of the app requires a cursor, so mobile/tablet/touchscreen use is discouraged (unless of course with an external aid like a usb mouse or some such, but this seems unlikely).


As mentioned above, the idea is for you to find out for yourself what to do. There is a serene figure floating in front of you on the screen - moving your cursor in conjunction with said figure might be a decent opening gambit.

You may wonder why the app's title - is it a reference to the old Surrealist game/method? Could be, could be. If still stumped by this, refresh the page and do nothing for a whole minute. Your patience will be rewarded with a clue - but it doesn't last long, so be attentive.....

Alt text

Tech Used

  • FrontEnd: React.js (starting with create-react-app)
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails (limited to API, the repo for which, can be found here)


The Floating Man image (my name for it, so not official) was created by SciePro.

All other images were created by Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty (1716-1785), and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

All quotations were sourced by me, and authors are credited as such in the appropriate places.

All other content was written by me.

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