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Automatically convert date and datetime to time or raise an exception #103

mhenrixon opened this Issue · 4 comments

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So right now to get the occurrences or any other such I have to for instance first convert a date to time. I would like ice_cube to either raise an exception or automatically convert the date to a time.

I can add this functionality myself but I want to know which path you would like to take. If you for instance only see ice_cube used in scenarios where there is a time then you would probably want the user to be told about this by raising an error.

If you however prefer the path of least resistance which might not be such a bad thing in case someone wants to know if something is scheduled today and just send a date in maybe that could be converted to time for these but not for scheduling.

Please report back with your thoughts so that I can start implementing this (we ran into some issues with not getting occurrences back because of sending date or datetime in)


2 scenarios come to think of it, scheduling something and retrieving something. Maybe those two should be treated differently?


So I have this working in a branch - still going to let it simmer for a few days to see how I feel about it

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Are people liking this feature?


This feature will go out with 0.9.2

@seejohnrun seejohnrun closed this
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