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0.11.1 ~> 0.11.2 sidekiq uses 100% cpu and stops working #210

johanneswuerbach opened this Issue · 5 comments

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After updating my sidekiq (+sidetiq) workers from ice_cube 0.11.1 to 0.11.2, all workers started consuming 100% cpu and stopped crunching tasks.

Reverting the update directly fixed the issue.

I use sidetiq with recurrence { hourly.minute_of_hour(0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50) } and
recurrence { daily }

Anything else I could provide to help fixing this issue?



Heya - I'm having trouble duplicating this - any more detail you can provide?
Also - as a separate note - in 0.11.2, you should be able to move to minutely(10) (once we figure out the issue you're having)


Hm, I tried to setup a basic rails app to reproduce the issue, but everything works as expect. I'll continue to look into the issue


Cool - thank you!


I upgraded now to ice_cube 0.11.3 and this time everything worked fine. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the update @johanneswuerbach

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