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CodeIgniter Spark

Spark is a way to pull down packages automatically

$ tools/spark install -v1.2 gravatar_helper

And then you can load the package like so:

echo Gravatar_helper::from_email('');

Adding a package

$ tools/spark install -v1.2 gravatar
$ tools/spark install gravatar # most recent version

Removing a package

$ tools/spark remove -v1.2 gravatar  # remove a specific version
$ tools/spark remove gravatar -f  # remove all

Reinstalling a package

$ tools/spark reinstall -v1.2 gravatar  # reinstall a specific version
$ tools/spark reinstall gravatar -f  # remove all versions and install latest

Search for a package

$ tools/spark search gravatar

List installed packages

$ tools/spark list

Get Help

$ tools/spark help


Go to your favorite CI project, and run (must have CURL installed):

$ php -r "$(curl -fsSL"