A python script to send sms non-interactively via indyarocks.com
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It is a small python script which act as a simple non-interactive front-end to the sms facility provided by fullonsms dot com. This allows message sending through terminal or even in bash scripts and other programs.


  • Python2.x
  • An account at fullonsms dot com


Download the script as sendsms.py

First time run: Run the script with the --setup argument $: ./sendsms.py --setup The script will ask you your fullonsms.com username, password, and full name. That's it! setup complete.


  • To send an sms to a number 9812345678 type $:./sendsms.py 9812345678 "This message will be sent via SMS"

    You may omit the message part in the command line argument. In that case, the script will prompt you to enter through standard input

    $:./sendsms.py 9812345678
    Reading Authfile:/home/user/.sendsms.auth
    Please Enter the message( 140 chars only)
    This message will be sent via SMS
    I can give multiline messages too.

    here Ctrl+D is the End-Of-File sequence (On Windows, it would be Ctrl+Z I think)

  • You can also specify your phone book in the authfile (default is .sendsms.auth) Open the file .sendsms.auth In the [Phonebook] section, just enter the name=number values

    ## .sendsms.auth
    .(rest of your file)
    bill = 9612345678
    peter = 9912345678
    suresh = 9512345678
    neo = 9012345678
    honey = 9812345678

    Save your file, and now you can use the name instead of number

        $:./sendsms.py bill "Hello Bill, how are you doing"
  • You can also specify multiple receivers separated by a dot . to send the same message to more than one receiver. $./sendsms.py bill.9897949554.neo "This is a message"

Windows Users

Windows users are required to install Python 2.x (that is any Python 2 version). They need to use the command prompt with explicit Python program. That is, instead of $: ./sendsms.py receiver message They need to use $: python sendsms.py receiver message Example > python sendsms.py bill "HI Bill"

You might also need to add Python to your system PATH. You can do this by typing the following command in your command line (invoked by cmd.exe) path = %PATH%;C:\Python27\ where C:\Python27 is the place where your Python is installed

Getting an fullonsms dot com account

Getting account on fullonsms dot com is easy. If you have valid mobile phone number of India, you can register it with fullonsms dot com easily. They send a verification code on your mobile. If you are changing your account settings in sendsms.py, please use the --setup option instead of directly changing the Authfile by hand.

IMPORTANT* Please register your mobile phone on the website( that means you have to verify your mobile number with them), otherwise the reciever of the message will not see your number as the sender on his/her mobile phone.


The author of this script is in no way associated with fullonsms dot com. This script is for personal or educational use only. Any commercial use is forbidden. Author takes no responsibility whatsoever if this script is misused in any way. Also, there is no warranty of any kind with this script.