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Hello. We hope you enjoy these profiles. These free slicing profiles have been refined by the SeeMeCNC. You will find default slicing profiles for various slicing softwares. We have invested 100's of hours making sure you get off to a good start.

2015-2017 Eris profiles for Eris models only 2015-2018 HE280 for printers with the HE280 hotend 2018-20?? SE300 for all printers with the SE300 hotend

For SE300 Dual Extrusion: We now recommend Cura 3.4.1 and opening our SE300 default dual extrusion project file. Opening a dual extrusion project file from SeeMeCNC will install a new dual machine, open a dual extrusion STL, and install the dual slicing profile for you.

See the location: ...\slicing-profiles\SE300\Cura\SE300 050 Nozzle Stock Default\SeeMeCNC_Dual_Batarang_mix-NerysThing2841027

Follow the guide under the 'SUPPORT' tab on

All profiles are optimized for Atomic brand filament and SeeMeCNC brand filament.

SE300 Profile Notes

SE300 TPU 070nozzle Sain Smart 85A-95A durometer

Use a machine profile with extruder for 0.7mm dia nozzle. This profile is specifically made for spiral vase printing quickly. No bottom, no top layers, only outside perimeter. The 0.7mm nozzle prints nicer due to lower back pressure and provides a thicker sturdy wall. We use this printing our boots for the hotend whip.