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Python client for NBA statistics located at
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nba_py - API for python Endpoint Documentation

Stable version: v0.1a1

This branches version: v0.1a2


A python facing API for (Still in heavy development)

Originally based off


NOTE: Developmental builds, are by no means stable If you want the stable version use:

$ pip install nba_py


  • Download from source (git clone, zipped package)
  • Run from the root directory:
$ pip install .


Nice to have

Pandas is nice to have because it'll put the data in an easy to manage object, but it is by no means necessary. All data, if pandas is not installed is returned in a nice json list format with headers!

Requests-cache is nice to have when you are downloading very large datasets so that subsequent downloads take much less time, but again, it is by no means necessary.

Completed work

Planned development

1. Documentation

  • All around documentation not only of nba_py but also (it's pretty nonexistent)

2. Map rest of API (Completed)

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