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Wireshark dissector for Broadcom specific H4 diagnostic commands
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Bluetooth H4 Broadcom Wireshark plugin from the InternalBlue project

This dissector contains vendor specific additions to the serial protocol H4, which is used by the operating system's driver to interact with Bluetooth chips. Broadcom not only supports sending standard messages such as HCI commands and events but also has an undocumented diagnostic protocol using the H4 serial data type 0x07.

Subprotocols inside Broadcom's diagnostic protocol include the Link Management Protocol (LMP) and Bluetooth Baseband (BB). The dissectors for LMP and BB were updated to be compatible with Wireshark 3.0. Credit for most of the LMP and BB dissector goes to the original authors of libbtbb.

About this repository

This repository contains only the Wireshark dissector without the rest of Internalblue. All credit goes to the original authors of InternalBlue. For additional information see the original repository:

Build and Install

To build this on Debian/Ubuntu/BackTrack linux distributions:

sudo apt-get install wireshark-dev wireshark cmake

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install

This will install to the ~/.local/lib/wireshark/plugins/3.0/epan/ in your home directory. To override this set the DESTDIR environment variable when running cmake.

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