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This project is a proxy that redirects the iOS Bluetooth socket and exposes it as a TCP socket which can be used to send HCI commands to the Bluetooth controller of the device. A jailbroken device is required. To compile the project, a Mac with xcode is required. The precompiled ios-proxy binary was tested on the iPhone 6 (12.1.2, 12.4), iPhone SE (12.4), iPhone 7 (12.1.2, 12.4), and iPhone X (12.4).

Building internalblue-ios-proxy

Open the project with xcode and compile it. Xcode will create a single binary that can then be transferred onto the device.

Installing internalblue-ios-proxy

  1. Right-click the internalblue-ios-proxy binary and click "Show in Finder". This will open the location the compiled binary resides in.
  2. Move the binary onto the device (e.g. with scp) at a location where applications are allowed to be executed (e.g. /bin or /sbin).
  3. The binary needs the platform-application entitlement. This is achieved by signing the binary with the included entitlements.xml file. Sign it using ldid -Sentitlements.xml internalblue-ios-proxy. ldid should be on a jailbroken device with Cydia by default.

If ldid was not installed with your jailbreak, try opening sileo://package/ldid.

Running internalblue-ios-proxy

Run the proxy by executing internalblue-ios-proxy <port-number>. The phone will then listen on this port and can be accessed either when on the same Wi-Fi or by proxying the port through USB (using usbmuxd). When enabling a personal hotspot, you can also run dhclient on Linux on the new local ethernet interface.

A few things to note:

  • To increase reliability of the proxy, Bluetooth should be disabled (either by manually stopping the Bluetooth daemon or by shutting of Bluetooth in the settings on the phone). Despite shutting down Bluetooth, the RAM will still have the same contents as during previous usage, and you can analyze it.
  • The current implementation sometimes returns wrong results, thus we double-check results of commands that read ROM/RAM. We show warnings, but firmware dumps should complete nonetheless.
  • To get sufficient performance, access the ios-proxy over USB and not using Wi-Fi.
  • In case the Bluetooth chip crashes or does not respond anymore over the proxy, the proxy should be stopped and Bluetooth should be turned off and on again in the UI.
  • Sometimes the Bluetooth socket will not respond anymore after establishing a second connection, just restart the proxy then.

This project is based on Brandon Azad's iOS command line tool template.

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