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packages Introducing the new version of the ios-proxy: internalblued Mar 20, 2020


This project is a proxy that redirects the iOS Bluetooth socket and exposes it as a TCP socket which can be used to send HCI commands to the Bluetooth controller of the device. A jailbroken device is required.

A compiled version of internalblued can be found in packages/com.ttdennis.internalblued_0.0.1_iphoneos-arm.deb.


  1. Transfer the .deb file to your iOS device
  2. Run dpkg -i your-deb-file.deb to install internalblued on your device

Running internalblued

Once installed, internalblued runs as a LaunchDaemon and is ready to be used. By default it will listen to port 1234 (TCP) on localhost. If usbmux is installed, internalblue will be able to connect to the phone as the port is passed through usbmuxd.

During usage with internalblue Bluetooth has to be disabled in the phones Settings App.

In case the Bluetooth chip stops responding, Bluetooth has to be turned on and off again in the Settings App.

There is a Settings App pane for internalblued to turn off the daemon and adapt the listening port. However, this is usually not required. As long as internalblue is not connected to internalblued's socket, Bluetooth can be used without any restrictions.

Building internalblued

  1. Install theos
  2. Run make
  3. A .deb file should be in the packages folder now
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