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@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ To be able to communicate with the firmware without root priviledges, we created
### Using the Monitor Mode patch
* Thanks to the prior work of Mame82, you can setup a new monitor mode interface by executing `iw phy phy1 interface add mon0 type monitor`. `phy1` is chosen according to the `wiphy` index after executing `iw dev wlan0 info`.
* To activate monitor mode in the firmware, simply set the interface up: `ifconfig mon0 up`.
* At this point the monitor mode is active. There is no need to call *airmon-ng*.
* At this point, monitor mode is active. There is no need to call *airmon-ng*.
* The interface already set the Radiotap header, therefore, tools like *tcpdump* or *airodump-ng* can be used out of the box: `tcpdump -i mon0`
* *Optional*: To make the RPI3 load the modified driver after reboot:
* Find the path of the default driver at reboot: `modinfo brcmfmac` #the first line should be the full path

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