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Perl object to access historic Canadian weather details

Quick Perl usage (

use weatherDataFromEnvironmentCanada;

my $weatherDataOBJ = weatherDataFromEnvironmentCanada->new(
        'weatherStationID' => '5051',
        'weatherDate' => '1944-12-11'

if ( $weatherDataOBJ->wasErrors() ) {
        print "Error creating weather object\n";
        print $weatherDataOBJ->errorString();
} else {
      print "Back on December 11th, 1944 the max temperature in Toronto was ";
      print $weatherDataOBJ->weatherMeasurementValue("maxTemp") . " ";
	  print $weatherDataOBJ->weatherMeasurementUnits("maxTemp") . "\n\n";
	  print "Summary: " . $weatherDataOBJ->weatherSummary();
	  print "\n\n(Using version " . $weatherDataOBJ->weatherObjectVersion() . " of the object.)";

# Reads the data from:
#    &stationID=5051&Year=1944&Month=12&Day=11
#    &timeframe=2&submit=Download+Data

Data source - Environment Canada historic weather data

We can get historic weather data from the web, like:

Here's the call to download a CSV file with the hourly weather data for all the days in the month specified:

But really we're more interested in the daily high and low, so I think this link is more useful:

Initial inspiration

I run a website that catalogs historic Toronto photos, and realized it would be interesting to add weather details for each of the photos. For instance there are a few photos of all the snow on December 11th, 1944 -

Data to store in our database

Here's the data we can get from the CSV file that we'd like to store in the Wholemap database for later access:

  • Station ID - the stationID parameter
  • historical date
  • date this data was accessed from the Environment Canada website
  • URL used to access the data
  • version of my data access and clean script used
  • Max Temp (°C)
  • Max Temp notes
  • Min Temp (°C)
  • Min Temp notes
  • Total Rain (mm)
  • Total Rain notes
  • Total Snow (cm)
  • Total Snow notes
  • Snow on ground (cm)
  • Snow on ground notes

Related web pages

Here's a detailed blog post on using the bulkdata_e.html call:

Which uses calls like:

And looked useful, too


Perl object to read and parse Environment Canada historic weather data for a given date and location (by StationID). Downloads from their open data feed.



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