Wolfram Alpha API built for Python.
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Tungsten is a dead simple Wolfram Alpha API wrapper built for python, with all the power and none of the hassle. Check it out:

import tungsten

client = tungsten.Tungsten('appid')
result = client.query('pi')

for pod in result.pods:
    print pod.scanner

Of course, that stuff is pretty simple. Tungsten can handle a lot more.

# Query parameters
params = {'format': ['plaintext', 'image', 'minput', 'moutput'],
          'scanner': 'numeric',
          'parsetimeout': 10}
result = client.query('rref {{1,2},{3,4}}', params)

# Various formats
mathematica_input = result.pods[1].format['minput']
image = result.pods[1].format['img']

# Piping queries
piped_result = client.query(mathematica_input)

BSD licensed. Hosted on Github and available on PyPI. Documentation on Read The Docs.


pip install tungsten