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SGML (/caedmon/html/sgm/readme.txt)

This directory system contains the Standard General Markup Language
(SGML) master files. All other versions of the edition, including the
print text, have been generated from these files. Only proofing
corrections have been made independently in the different versions.

These files are not intended for display to the end user, though they
may prove of use in some applications. A discussion of the encoding
practices followed may be found in the Conventions and Encoding
chapter in all versions of the display text.

The files have all been validated against the TEI P4
standard. Additional and modified elements are listed in the
Conventions and Encoding chapter. Conversion to HTML and PDF has been
accomplished using custom stylesheets for the Multidoc SGML Browser
and custom scripts. These are found in the /caedmon/html/sgm/stylesheets/
directory. Future editions of the text will be in XML and processed
using XSLT.

The SGML text makes heavy use of entities to record readings from the
primary sources. The method used is discussed in a forthcoming (2005)
article in HumanIT.

Because of a flaw in the Multidoc Browser, Unicode references in the
SGML text begin with the dollar sign ($) rather than the usual
ampersand-x-hash prefix (&#x).
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