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fixing issue with last commit merge. missed a conflict

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1 parent 5e4d893 commit 9e783c0a8e276e89d9d81951a4c32ea61dadccf1 @robbyrussell robbyrussell committed Jul 23, 2011
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@@ -49,10 +49,6 @@ function current_branch() {
alias ggpull='git pull origin $(current_branch)'
compdef ggpull=git
alias ggpush='git push origin $(current_branch)'
-<<<<<<< HEAD
compdef ggpush=git
alias ggpnp='git pull origin $(current_branch) && git push origin $(current_branch)'
compdef ggpnp=git
-alias ggpnp='git pull origin $(current_branch) && git push origin $(current_branch)'
->>>>>>> e5e032f... adding git svn aliases

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