Minor Changes

  • Move from MIT license to BSD license for File Exchange
  • Converting matlab figures now defaults to CombineReources/Axes
  • Color is now treated as data when combining resources (ie if two items are different colors, they will not be combined)

Bug Fixes

  • Run Examples links in matlab now point to the correct examples
  • Typo fixed when combining lines
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@fwkoch fwkoch released this Mar 24, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

Minor Changes

  • Update Steno3D branding in the docs (see #10)
  • Add Project methods to the docs (see #12)
  • Support images in the docs (see #10)
  • Simplify building from source (see #10)
  • Major version bump - required for releasing to File Exchange where versions starting with zero are not allowed.

Bug Fixes

  • Project methods (upload, url, plot) now work on arrays of projects (e.g. outputted by steno3d.convert(..., 'CombineAxes', false)) (see #12)
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@fwkoch fwkoch released this Mar 9, 2017 · 29 commits to master since this release

Major Features

  • Sphinx documentation is now included with this repo, available at https://matlab.steno3d.com
    • These docs and the MATLAB source are build from one codebase.

Bug Fixes

  • One-segment lines now work
  • Bug preventing line and volume consolidation has been fixed
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@fwkoch fwkoch released this Dec 2, 2016 · 61 commits to master since this release

This is the initial public release of the Steno3D MATLAB client. It is still in early development. Please submit any issues or feedback you have at https://github.com/3ptscience/steno3dmat/issues

Documentation is available from within MATLAB:

>> help steno3d

Then follow the links.

Major Features

  • props package - for building MATLAB classes with property type checking, validation, and documentation
  • Steno3D package:
    • core resources - for constructing points, lines, surfaces, and volumes with textures and data
    • high-level plotting functions - for easily creating Steno3D resources programatically
    • conversion functions - for turning MATLAB figures into Steno3D resources
    • communication functions - for uploading to steno3d.com
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@fwkoch fwkoch released this Oct 5, 2016 · 174 commits to master since this release

Initial private release of Steno3D MATLAB client library. To get started, download steno3dmat.zip (linked below), unzip the folder, and run the install script in Matlab. Please see the github page for more details.

If you have any problems or run into any bugs, please submit an issue.

Learn more about Steno3D!

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