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Commenter CSV Export for Wordpress

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Commenter CSV Export for Wordpress

Commenter Contact Exporter will export commenter's names, email addresses, and URL, as a CSV file that you can use in Excel.

Optionally, you can get the SEOmoz page authority and domain authority metrics for a commenter's URL if they has filled that out in your blog. This is usful if you're looking to reach out to those people and want to figure out who is the most influential. If you want to get those metrics get a free API key from SEOmoz here: SEOmoz's API page (

About this plugin

Read about this plugin here:


Automatic Installation

  • Click on the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress Admin
  • Click 'Add new'
  • Type 'Seer Comment Contact Exporter'
  • Click on 'Install now'
  • Activate the plugin

Manual installation

  • Unzip the zip file into '/wp-content/plugins/' folder
  • Activate the plugin
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