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I was unhappy with how Zurmo delivers its webforms out-of-the-box. I want to have chapters, additional explanations, a loading-indicator and usecase-related lables, all configurable in one place. So I made up a solution to optimize one or many webforms:

The program is installed anywhere in the domain of a Zurmo-installation. It loads a webform via the js-link provided by Zurmo, indicates the loading-state, runs jqueries over the form as soon as it has loaded to optionally place certain text before certain lines, change lables and add mouseover-tooltips according to the forms usecase. All configuration is held by a php-array in a separate config-file:

Reading Zurmos forum and comments in the Zurmo documentation, I found that others were also unsatisfied with Zurmos out-of-the-box solition (Community Edition) - feel free to use this. I'm not poud of the code, but it works for me. Code and further details are made public here on Github:

If you want to use it, please consider

  • The program is badly engineered und unstable at times. This is due to the intersection of the way Zurmo delivers the forms and my limited scripting-skills.
  • The programm does not communicate with and isn't integrated into Zurmo (it simply loads Zurmos js-file/html-content).
  • The forms are not responsive. They work on mobile, but could use mediaqueries and a more mobile css.
  • Little documentation and german wording all over the code. Sry...

Install the program on your server

  • Check out the repository.
  • Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and change the paths contained in it.
  • Use config.php to configure your installation.
  • Add forms by multiplying the nodes in formular in config.php.
  • Upload folder formular somewhere on the same domain as Zurmo-js-files.

Don't know about Zurmo? It is a great crm-system! Go to


Little Framework to load, contain and optimize webforms from Zurmo-CRM



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