Geophysical Tutorials for 2016
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Tutorials from The Leading Edge column, which started in February 2014.

These are Jupyter Notebooks. They can be opened and read (but not actually run) right here in GitHub, or you can install the Notebook software (e.g. with conda install jupyter), then clone this repo, and start a notebook server in the tutorials-2016 directory.

For more in-depth hints on getting started, see Hall, M (2016). A user guide to the geophysical tutorials. The Leading Edge 35 (2), 190–191, doi: 10.1190/tle35020190.1.

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The content of the articles and of the notebooks is © the author(s) and openly licensed CC-BY-SA. The code is © the author(s) and openly licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2, or under the terms specified by the author, if any.