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Pixels and their neighbours: Finite volume

Rowan Cockett, Lindsey Heagy and Doug Oldenburg - The Leading Edge

This notebook uses Python 2.7 and the open source package SimPEG. SimPEG can be installed using the python package manager PyPi and running:

pip install SimPEG

Alternatively, these notebooks can be run on the web using binders


This tutorial consists of 3 parts, here, we introduce the problem, in divergence.ipynb we build the discrete divergence operator and in weakformulation.ipynb, we discretize and solve the DC equations using weak formulation.


Citing this work:

Rowan Cockett, Lindsey J. Heagy, and Douglas W. Oldenburg (2016). 
"Pixels and their neighbors: Finite volume." The Leading Edge, 35(8), 703–706.

See the PDF online: http://library.seg.org/doi/abs/10.1190/tle35080703.1