A Firmata version for use with the Creative Robotix Educational Platform
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Updated firmware with a DEMO mode.  Activated on power up if pin 12 is connected to GND via a jumper wire.
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Creative Robotix Educational Platform Firmata

A Firmata version for use with the Creative Robotix Educational Platform.

Drivers currently exist for Snap4Arduino.

Creative Robotix is a project by the Creative Science Foundation. It is a fully customizable robotics platform, with body parts that can be 3D printed and contstructed with low cost open hardware.

Creative-Robotix can be used by teachers, parents, children, adults, in groups or as individuals to address core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) learning and making activities in a fun, hands-on, social and interactive way. Our open-source platform can be used by anyone from 7 years up who are interested in learning more about technology. The tasks are carefully designed to fit the abilities of all ages, ranging from simple to more complex assembly, depending on your age, knowledge and guidance available.

Our website has more information about the project, including build Instructables,