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my mephisto comment email plugin, notification when a comment is posted
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comment email notification for Mephisto

When someone posts a comment, an email will be sent to the article author.

   ruby script/install svn://

   There are a few options availible:
     * mail prefix - Will be prepended to the email subject: 
        (blog) segfault posted a comment on "my best blog post"
        To change the "(blog)" portion, add the following to
        the end of environment.rb:
          CommentNotifier.mail_prefix = "(myblogname)"
     * mail_from_name - The "full-name" for the sender:
        If you'd like to change it, append the following to environment.rb:
          CommentNotifier.mail_from_name = "My Blog"

     * mail_from - If you'd like mail to come from some address other than
        the site-owner's address add the following in the usual place:
          CommentNotifier.mail_from = ""

     * only_approved - If you'd only like to receive email regarding approved
        comments add the following to environment.rb:
          CommentNotifier.only_approved = true

   If you would like to see links to the article and the article's admin page
   in the email sent to the author, then make sure to set an akismet_url in
   the site's settings.

   setup the basic actionmailer parameters, and post a comment...

(C) Mark Guzman 2006, under an MIT license.
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