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Idiomatic Ruby #8

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Generally in ruby most developers don't do much explicit type checking. It's not a big deal but I had to crack open the source to see that it required a String. The error message wasn't even clear about that.
A better approach might be to call the method .to_s on the user_id and coerce it into a string inside that method.

The use case is a simple rails example.

u = User.find 53
Analytics.identify(user_id:, traits:{email:,twitter: u.twitter_name, username: u.username})
# => ArgumentError: Must supply a non-empty user_id

The id in that case is a number so it failed.

So it forces me to call the method like this with to_s on the

Analytics.identify(user_id:,   ...)
# => true
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Good call, I just updated it to use to_s internally. You're totally right - we shouldn't have missed it in the first place!

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