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;;; jss-browser-firefox.el -- firefox implementation of jss's browser api
;; Copyright (C) 2013 Edward Marco Baringer
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
;; the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be
;; useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
;; PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
;; License along with this program; if not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
;; MA 02111-1307 USA
;;; file:///mozilla-release/toolkit/devtools/debugger/dbp-client.jsm
;;; marco's understanding of the firefox remote debugging api (the
;;; syntax is a little home grown, the thing before the dot is the
;;; target, the thing aftre the dot is the type, the thing in { } are
;;; the, named, parameters, that is followed by a very hand wavy
;;; description of the returned object.
;;; firefox's api is structured around actors, actors are objects that
;;; you can send messages to (in the firefox docs these are refered to
;;; as packets, for consistency with all the other actor based stuff
;;; in the world, we call them messages here), and they will then
;;; anwser, or they can send you (the client) events. every actor has
;;; a globally unique id, a list of message types it can respond to,
;;; or send, and a state, which is exactly one of (in this description
;;; 'we' are the client):
;;; :idle - the actor is waiting for us to send a message to it
;;; :waiting - we have sent a message to the actor and we're waiting
;;; for a response back
;;; :listening - we are waiting for messages from the actor (these
;;; messages will arrive without us doing anything)
;;; the only allowed state transitions are:
;;; :idle -> send-message -> :waiting -> handle-message -> :idle
;;; :idle -> start-listening -> :listening
;;; :listening -> stop-listening -> :idle
;;; Note: To make things a little bit simple all actor objects are
;;; kept in slots with CamelCase names.
;;; Known actor messages:
;;; Get the list of tabs on the browser:
;;; "root".listTabs { } -> {
;;; "from": "root"
;;; "selected": an integer with the currently selected (focused) tab
;;; "tabs": an array of { actor: , title:, url:, consoleActor: }
;;; title and url are strings. actor is the tab actor while
;;; consoleActor is for console log messages (i assume)
;;; "chromeDebugger": ?
;;; "consoleActor": ?
;;; "profilerActor": ?
;;; }
;;; Attach a debugger to a tab. Only after this message has been
;;; handled can we send the we get a consoleActor, with the
;;; consoleActor we can start the listeners.
;;; aTabActor."attach" {} -> {}
;;; Detach from a tab. This will, automatically and whether we like it
;;; or not, release all the tab related actors on the server.
;;; aTabActor."dettach" {} -> {}
;;; aTabActor can send an unsolicited messages when the user closes a
;;; tab or navigates to another tab
;;; aConsoleActor."startListeners" { listeners: [ ] } -> { }
;;; listeners is an array of strings, each of which is either
;;; "PageError", "ConsoleAPI", "NetworkActivity", "FileActivity",
;;; "LocationChange"
;;; must follow aTabActor.attach (i think)
(require 'cl)
(require 'eieio)
(require 'json)
(require 'jss-browser-api)
(defclass jss-firefox-browser (jss-generic-browser)
((connection :accessor jss-firefox-browser-connection :initform nil)
(RootActor :accessor jss-firefox-browser-RootActor)
(connected :accessor jss-browser-connected-p :initform nil)))
(defmethod jss-browser-description ((browser jss-firefox-browser))
(format "Mozilla Firefox @ %s:%s\nNB: Only displaying tabs that can be debugged."
(slot-value browser 'host) (slot-value browser 'port)))
(defmethod jss-browser-cleanup ((browser jss-firefox-browser))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :browser :cleanup browser))
(setf (jss-browser-connected-p browser) nil)
(jss-when-bind (conn (jss-firefox-browser-connection browser))
(jss-firefox-connection-disconnect (jss-firefox-browser-connection browser))))
(defmethod jss-browser-find-tab ((browser jss-firefox-browser) tab-id)
(cl-find tab-id (slot-value browser 'tabs) :key 'jss-tab-id :test 'string=))
(defmethod jss-browser-tabs ((browser jss-firefox-browser))
(slot-value browser 'tabs))
(defmethod jss-browser-get-tabs ((browser jss-firefox-browser))
(lexical-let ((browser browser)
(tabs-deferred (make-jss-deferred)))
(jss-firefox-send-message (jss-firefox-browser-RootActor browser) "listTabs")
(lambda (response)
(loop for properites across (cdr (assoc 'tabs response))
for existing-tab = (jss-browser-find-tab browser (cdr (assoc 'actor properites)))
if existing-tab
do (let ((current-consoleActor (cdr (assoc 'consoleActor (slot-value existing-tab 'properites))))
(new-consoleActor (cdr (assoc 'consoleActor properites))))
(unless (string= current-consoleActor new-consoleActor)
(error "Console Actor has unexpectedly changed on %s. from %s to %s" existing-tab current-consoleActor new-consoleActor))
(setf (slot-value existing-tab 'properites) properites))
do (push (make-instance 'jss-firefox-tab
:properties properites
:browser browser)
(slot-value browser 'tabs))
finally (jss-log-event (list :firefox :tabsListed (jss-browser-tabs browser)))
finally (jss-deferred-callback tabs-deferred browser))))
(defclass jss-firefox-connection ()
((browser :initarg :browser :accessor jss-firefox-connection-browser)
(host :initarg :host :initform "")
(port :initarg :port :initform 6000)
(proc :initarg :proc)
(state :initform nil)
(open-deferred :accessor jss-firefox-connection-open-deferred)
(close-deferred :accessor jss-firefox-connection-close-deferred)
(actors :initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal) :accessor jss-firefox-connection-actors)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-disconnect ((conn jss-firefox-connection))
(message "Closing firefox connection to %s:%s" (slot-value conn 'host) (slot-value conn 'port))
(unless (slot-boundp conn 'proc)
(error "Attempting to disconnect connection %s but the proc slot is not bound." conn))
(unless (slot-value conn 'proc)
(error "Attempting to disconnect connection %s but the connection has no slot." conn))
(delete-process (slot-value conn 'proc)))
(defvar jss-current-connection-instance nil
"The current, firefox, connection attached to a process."))
(defclass jss-firefox-actor ()
((id :accessor jss-firefox-actor-id :initarg :id)
(connection :accessor jss-firefox-actor-connection :initarg :connection)
(message-queue :accessor jss-firefox-actor-message-queue :initform (make-jss-queue))
(response-deferred :accessor jss-firefox-actor-response-deferred :initform nil)
(state :accessor jss-firefox-actor-state
:initform :idle
:initarg :state
:documentation "Either :idle, :waiting or :listening.")))
(defclass jss-firefox-RootActor (jss-firefox-actor)
((ready-deferred :initform (make-jss-deferred) :accessor jss-firefox-RootActor-ready-deferred)))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((actor jss-firefox-RootActor) slot-names)
(unless (slot-boundp actor 'id)
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-id actor) "root")))
(defmethod jss-browser-connect ((browser jss-firefox-browser))
(lexical-let ((browser browser)
(RootActor (make-instance 'jss-firefox-RootActor
:state :listening)))
(let* ((conn (make-instance 'jss-firefox-connection
:browser browser
:host (jss-browser-host browser)
:port (let ((port (jss-browser-port browser)))
(if (stringp port)
(string-to-number port)
(jss-firefox-connection-connect conn)
(jss-firefox-connection-open-deferred conn)
(lambda (conn)
(setf (jss-firefox-browser-connection browser) conn)
;; firefox will always send us an unsolicited 'hello' message
;; when the connection opens, so setup a handler for it (it's
;; only after this message that we can start sending requests).
(setf (jss-firefox-browser-RootActor browser) (jss-firefox-register-actor browser RootActor))))
(jss-firefox-connection-close-deferred conn)
(lambda (conn)
(dolist (tab (jss-browser-tabs browser))
(when (jss-tab-console tab)
(jss-console-error-message (jss-tab-console tab) "Connection closed.")))))
(jss-firefox-RootActor-ready-deferred RootActor))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-send-string ((conn jss-firefox-connection) json)
(process-send-string (slot-value conn 'proc) json))
(defun jss-firefox-process-filter (proc string)
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :filter string))
(when (buffer-live-p (process-buffer proc))
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert string)
do (goto-char (point-min))
when (eobp)
do (return t)
unless (looking-at "\\([0-9]+\\):")
do (error "jss process filter syntax error, message at %s does not start with \\d+" (point))
do (let ((prefix (match-string 0))
(length (string-to-number (match-string 1))))
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(if (< length (- (point-max) (length prefix)))
(let ((json (json-read)))
(delete-region (point-min) (point))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :handle-message json))
(jss-firefox-handle-message jss-current-connection-instance json)
(goto-char (point-min)))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :process-filter :message-incomplete))
(return nil))))))))
(defun jss-firefox-process-sentinel (proc event)
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :sentinel proc event))
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
(let* ((connection (or jss-current-connection-instance
(error "Proc buffer %s has no connection, but get proc event %s on %s." (current-buffer) event proc))))
(with-slots (state) connection
(setf state (cond
((string= "open\n" event)
(unless (eql nil state)
(error "Invalid state transition. Was %s but got a %s event on %s." state event proc))
((cl-member event '("deleted\n" "finished\n" "connection broken by remote peer\n") :test 'string=)
(unless (eql :open state)
(error "Invalid state transition. Was %s but got a %s event on %s." state event proc))
(t (error "Unknown process event %s" (prin1-to-string event)))))
(ecase state
(:open (jss-firefox-connection-on-open connection))
(:closed (jss-firefox-connection-on-close connection))))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-connect ((conn jss-firefox-connection))
(when (slot-boundp conn 'proc)
(error "Attempting to connect to %s but it already has a process." conn))
(with-slots (host port proc open-deferred close-deferred)
(setf proc (make-network-process :name "firefox connection"
:buffer (generate-new-buffer (format " *firefox@%s:%s*" host port))
:server nil
:host host
:service port
:coding '(utf-8 . utf-8)
:nowait t
:filter 'jss-firefox-process-filter))
(when (slot-boundp conn 'open-deferred)
(error "Attempting to connect to %s, but it already has an open-deferred." conn))
(setf (jss-firefox-connection-open-deferred conn) (make-jss-deferred))
(when (slot-boundp conn 'close-deferred)
(error "Attempting to connect to %s, but it already has a close-deferred." conn))
(setf (jss-firefox-connection-close-deferred conn) (make-jss-deferred))
(set-process-sentinel proc 'jss-firefox-process-sentinel)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer proc)
(setf jss-current-connection-instance conn)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-on-open ((conn jss-firefox-connection))
(unless (slot-boundp conn 'open-deferred)
(error "Connection %s has opened, but no open-deferred availble. state mis-match?" conn))
(jss-deferred-callback (slot-value conn 'open-deferred) conn)
(slot-makeunbound conn 'open-deferred))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-on-close ((conn jss-firefox-connection))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :connection :on-close conn))
(unless (slot-boundp conn 'close-deferred)
(error "Connection %s has closed, but no close-deferred availble. state mis-match?" conn))
(unless (slot-boundp conn 'proc)
(error "Connection %s has closed, but no proc. impossible state mis-match?" conn))
(with-slots (close-deferred proc)
(unless (processp proc)
(error "Connect %s has closed, but its proc %s is not a process." conn proc))
(delete-process proc)
(kill-buffer (process-buffer proc))
(jss-deferred-callback close-deferred conn)
(slot-makeunbound conn 'close-deferred)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-register-actor ((connection jss-firefox-connection) actor)
(when (jss-firefox-actor-connection actor)
(error "Attempting to register actor %s on %s, but it is already register on %s."
actor connection (jss-firefox-actor-connection actor)))
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-connection actor) connection
(gethash (jss-firefox-actor-id actor) (jss-firefox-connection-actors connection)) actor)
(defmethod jss-firefox-register-actor ((browser jss-firefox-browser) actor)
(jss-firefox-register-actor (jss-firefox-browser-connection browser) actor))
(defun jss-firefox-actor-state-transition (actor from to)
(if (eql from (jss-firefox-actor-state actor))
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) to)
(error "Invalid state transition for actor. Current state is %s (not %s), can not go to %s." (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) from to)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-start-listening ((actor jss-firefox-actor))
(jss-firefox-actor-state-transition actor :idle :listening))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-stop-listening ((actor jss-firefox-actor))
(jss-firefox-actor-state-transition actor :listening :idle))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event :before ((actor jss-firefox-actor) event-json)
(when (eql :idle (jss-firefox-actor-state actor))
(error "Actor is not ready to handle messages (current state is :idle).")))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((actor jss-firefox-actor) event-json)
(error "Actor %s has no handle-event method (got event %s)." actor event-json))
(defmacro* jss-firefox-event-type-ecase ((event &key (key ''type)) &rest clauses)
(let ((e (cl-gensym))
(k (cl-gensym)))
`(let ((,e ,event)
(,k ,key))
,@(loop for (type . body) in clauses
for types = (if (listp type) type (list type))
collect (list* `(or ,@(loop for type in types collect `(string= ,type (cdr (assoc ,k ,e)))))
(error "Unknown message type %s in event %s." (cdr (assoc 'type ,e)) ,e))))))
(put 'jss-firefox-event-type-ecase 'lisp-indent-function 1)
(defmethod jss-firefox-send-message ((actor jss-firefox-actor) type &rest other-arguments)
; (jss-log-event (list :firefox :send-message actor type other-arguments))
; (when (eql :listening (jss-firefox-actor-state actor))
; (error "Attempt to send message %s to %s but this actor is currently listening." type actor))
(lexical-let ((previous-state (jss-firefox-actor-state actor)))
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) :idle)
(unless (slot-boundp actor 'id)
(error "Attempt to send message %s to %s, but this actor has no id." type actor))
(let* ((deferred (make-jss-deferred))
(message (list* (cons "to" (jss-firefox-actor-id actor))
(cons "type" type)
for (key value) on other-arguments by 'cddr
collect (cons key value)))))
(jss-enqueue (jss-firefox-actor-message-queue actor) (cons message deferred))
(jss-firefox-connection-process-next-message actor)
(lambda (value)
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) previous-state)))
(defun jss-firefox-encode-json-message (object)
(let ((json-false :json-false)
(json-null nil))
(let ((string (json-encode object)))
(format "%d:%s" (length string) string))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-connection-process-next-message ((actor jss-firefox-actor))
(when (eql :idle (jss-firefox-actor-state actor))
(destructuring-bind (message . deferred)
(jss-dequeue (jss-firefox-actor-message-queue actor))
(let ((json (jss-firefox-encode-json-message message)))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :process-message (jss-firefox-actor-id actor) message json deferred))
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) :waiting
(jss-firefox-actor-response-deferred actor) deferred)
(jss-firefox-connection-send-string (jss-firefox-actor-connection actor) json)
(defmethod jss-firefox-handle-message ((connection jss-firefox-connection) json)
;(jss-log-event (list :firefox :handle-message json))
(jss-with-alist-values (from)
(let ((actor (gethash from (jss-firefox-connection-actors connection))))
(unless actor
(error "Got message %s but don't have an actor with id %s." json from))
(ecase (jss-firefox-actor-state actor)
(error "Got message %s for %s, but actor's state is :idle." json actor))
(let ((deferred (jss-firefox-actor-response-deferred actor)))
(unless deferred
(error "Got message %s for %s, whose state is infact :waiting, but no response-handler found." json actor))
(setf (jss-firefox-actor-state actor) :idle
(jss-firefox-actor-response-deferred actor) nil)
(jss-deferred-callback deferred json)))
(jss-log-event (list :firefox :unsolicited-event actor json))
(jss-firefox-actor-handle-event actor json))))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((actor jss-firefox-RootActor) event)
(jss-with-alist-values (applicationType traits)
(unless (string= "browser" applicationType)
(error "applicationType is not browser: %s" event))
(let ((deferred (slot-value actor 'ready-deferred)))
(slot-makeunbound actor 'ready-deferred)
(jss-firefox-actor-stop-listening actor)
(jss-deferred-callback deferred (jss-firefox-connection-browser (jss-firefox-actor-connection actor)))))
(defclass jss-firefox-tab (jss-generic-tab)
((properites :initarg :properties)
(Actor :accessor jss-firefox-tab-Actor)
(ConsoleActor :accessor jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor)
(ThreadActor :accessor jss-firefox-tab-ThreadActor)
(scripts :accessor jss-firefox-tab-scripts :initform (make-hash-table))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-register-actor ((tab jss-firefox-tab) actor)
(jss-firefox-register-actor (jss-tab-browser tab) actor))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((tab jss-firefox-tab) slots)
(when (and (slot-boundp tab 'browser)
(slot-boundp tab 'properites))
(jss-with-alist-values (actor consoleActor)
(slot-value tab 'properites)
(unless (and actor consoleActor)
(error "Attempting to create a tab from properties %s, but required fields actor and consoleActor are missing."
(slot-value tab 'properties)))
(message "actor: %s, consoleActor: %s" actor consoleActor)
(let ((browser (jss-tab-browser tab)))
(setf (jss-firefox-tab-Actor tab)
(jss-firefox-register-actor browser (make-instance 'jss-firefox-TabActor :id actor :tab tab))
(jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor tab)
(jss-firefox-register-actor browser (make-instance 'jss-firefox-ConsoleActor
:id consoleActor)))))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-tab-property ((tab jss-firefox-tab) property-name)
(cdr (assoc property-name (slot-value tab 'properites))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-tab-set-property ((tab jss-firefox-tab) property-name property-value)
(setf (cdr (assoc property-name (slot-value tab 'properites))) property-value))
(defmethod jss-tab-url ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(jss-firefox-tab-property tab 'url))
(defmethod jss-tab-set-url ((tab jss-firefox-tab) url)
(jss-firefox-tab-set-property tab 'url url))
(defmethod jss-tab-title ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(jss-firefox-tab-property tab 'title))
(defmethod jss-tab-set-title ((tab jss-firefox-tab) title)
(jss-firefox-tab-set-property tab 'title title))
(defmethod jss-tab-id ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(jss-firefox-actor-id (jss-firefox-tab-Actor tab)))
(defmethod jss-tab-available-p ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(not (null (jss-firefox-tab-property tab 'consoleActor))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-make-actor ((tab jss-firefox-tab) id)
(jss-firefox-make-actor (jss-tab-browser tab) id))
(defmethod jss-tab-connected-p ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(eql :listening (jss-firefox-actor-state (jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor tab))))
(defclass jss-firefox-actor-with-console-mixin ()
((console :accessor jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console :initarg :console)))
(defclass jss-firefox-ConsoleActor (jss-firefox-actor jss-firefox-actor-with-console-mixin)
(defclass jss-firefox-tab-actor-mixin ()
((tab :accessor jss-firefox-actor-tab :initarg :tab)))
(defclass jss-firefox-NetworkEvent (jss-firefox-actor jss-firefox-actor-with-console-mixin jss-firefox-tab-actor-mixin)
(defmethod jss-tab-connect ((tab jss-firefox-tab))
(lexical-let ((tab tab)
(deferred (make-jss-deferred))
(requested-listeners ["ConsoleAPI" "FileActivity" "LocationChange" "NetworkActivity" "PageError"]))
;; setup the console link because we need the ConsoleActor before we have the jss-generic-console object
(setf (jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console (jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor tab)) (jss-tab-console tab))
;; create the chain of deferreds to actually perform the connection steps in order
(jss-firefox-send-message (jss-firefox-tab-Actor tab) "attach")
(lambda (response)
(jss-with-alist-values (type threadActor)
(unless (string= "tabAttached" type)
(error "Unexpected response to %s.attach: %s" (jss-tab-id tab) response))
(jss-firefox-actor-start-listening (jss-firefox-tab-Actor tab))
(lexical-let ((ThreadActor (make-instance 'jss-firefox-ThreadActor :id threadActor :tab tab)))
(setf (jss-firefox-tab-ThreadActor tab)
(jss-firefox-register-actor (jss-tab-browser tab) ThreadActor))
(jss-firefox-send-message ThreadActor "attach")
(lambda (response)
(unless (and (string= "paused" (cdr (assoc 'type response)))
(cdr (assoc 'type (cdr (assoc 'why response))))
(string= "attached" (cdr (assoc 'type (cdr (assoc 'why response))))))
(error "Unexpected response from attach message: %s." response))
(jss-firefox-send-message ThreadActor "resume" "pauseOnExceptions" t)
(lambda (response)
(jss-firefox-actor-start-listening ThreadActor)
(jss-firefox-send-message (jss-firefox-console-Actor (jss-tab-console tab))
(lambda (response)
(jss-with-alist-values (startedListeners)
(unless (equal requested-listeners (cl-sort startedListeners 'string<))
(error "Not all listeners started, only: %s" startedListeners))
(jss-firefox-actor-start-listening (jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor tab))
(jss-deferred-callback deferred tab))))))))))))
(defclass jss-firefox-TabActor (jss-firefox-actor jss-firefox-tab-actor-mixin)
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((actor jss-firefox-TabActor) event)
(jss-firefox-event-type-ecase (event)
("tabNavigated" (jss-console-log-message (jss-tab-console (jss-firefox-actor-tab actor)) "Navigated to %s" (cdr (assoc 'url event))))))
(defclass jss-firefox-ThreadActor (jss-firefox-actor)
((tab :accessor jss-firefox-ThreadActor-tab :initarg :tab)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((actor jss-firefox-ThreadActor) event)
(jss-firefox-event-type-ecase (event)
("newGlobal" (message "newGlobal message. what do we do now?"))
(jss-with-alist-values (source startLine lineCount url) event
(message "newScript %s." source)
(let ((tab (jss-firefox-tab-scripts (jss-firefox-ThreadActor-tab actor))))
(setf (gethash source tab) (make-instance 'jss-firefox-script
:tab tab
:id source
:url url)))))))
(defclass jss-firefox-script (jss-generic-script)
((id :accessor jss-script-id :initarg :id)
(url :accessor jss-script-url :initarg :url)))
(defclass jss-firefox-console (jss-generic-console)
(defmethod jss-firefox-console-Actor ((console jss-firefox-console))
(jss-firefox-tab-ConsoleActor (jss-console-tab console)))
(defmethod jss-tab-make-console ((tab jss-firefox-tab) &rest initargs)
(apply 'make-instance jss-firefox-console initargs))
(defmethod jss-console-disconnect ((console jss-firefox-console))
(make-jss-completed-deferred console))
(defclass jss-firefox-io (jss-generic-io)
((NetworkActor :initarg :NetworkActor :accessor jss-generic-io-NetworkActor)
(request-method :initarg :request-method :accessor jss-io-request-method)
(url :initarg :url :accessor jss-io-request-url)
(status :accessor jss-io-response-status)
(defmethod jss-io-id ((io jss-firefox-io))
(jss-firefox-actor-id (jss-generic-io-NetworkActor io)))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((NetworkEvent jss-firefox-NetworkEvent) event)
(jss-firefox-event-type-ecase (event)
(with-existing-io ((jss-firefox-actor-tab NetworkEvent) (jss-firefox-actor-id NetworkEvent))
(jss-firefox-event-type-ecase (event :key 'updateType)
(jss-with-alist-values (response)
(push (list :data-received (current-time)) (jss-io-lifecycle io))
(jss-with-alist-values (httpVersion status statusText headersSize discardResponseBody)
(setf (slot-value io 'status) status
(slot-value io 'statusText) statusText
(slot-value io 'headersSize) headersSize
(slot-value io 'discardResponseBody) discardResponseBody))
(jss-console-update-io (jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console NetworkEvent) io)))))
;(jss-console-log-message (jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console NetworkEvent) "%s: %s" (cdr (assoc 'updateType event)) event)
(defclass jss-firefox-PageError (jss-firefox-actor jss-firefox-actor-with-console-mixin)
(defun jss-js-time-to-emacs-time (js-time-string)
;; 2013-04-02T10:12:11.554Z
(unless (string-match "^\\([0-9]+\\)-\\([0-9]+\\)-\\([0-9]+\\)T\\([0-9]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\):\\([0-9]+.[0-9]+\\)Z$" js-time-string)
(error "%s is not a js-time-string." js-time-string))
(let ((year (match-string 1 js-time-string))
(month (match-string 2 js-time-string))
(day (match-string 3 js-time-string))
(hours (match-string 4 js-time-string))
(minutes (match-string 5 js-time-string))
(seconds (match-string 6 js-time-string)))
;; do this as encode(decode + seconds) because seconds
;; is a floting point numebr and we don't want to implement the
;; bit twiddling ourselves.
(seconds-to-time (+ (time-to-seconds (encode-time 0
(string-to-number minutes)
(string-to-number hours)
(string-to-number day)
(string-to-number month)
(string-to-number year)))
(string-to-number seconds))))))
(defmethod jss-firefox-actor-handle-event ((ConsoleActor jss-firefox-ConsoleActor) event)
(unless (jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console ConsoleActor)
(error "ConsoleActor without a console. die. %s" ConsoleActor))
(let* ((console (jss-firefox-ConsoleActor-console ConsoleActor))
(tab (jss-console-tab console)))
(cl-labels ((get-actor-id (actor-type)
(cdr (assoc 'actor (cdr (assoc actor-type event)))))
(register-actor (class &rest make-instance-args)
(jss-firefox-register-actor (jss-firefox-actor-connection ConsoleActor)
(apply 'make-instance
:console console
(jss-firefox-event-type-ecase (event)
(jss-with-alist-values (eventActor) event
(jss-with-alist-values (method url startedDateTime) eventActor
(let* ((actor (register-actor 'jss-firefox-NetworkEvent
:id (get-actor-id 'eventActor)
:tab tab
:state :listening))
(io (make-instance 'jss-firefox-io
:NetworkActor actor
:request-method method
:url url
:lifecycle (list (list :sent (jss-js-time-to-emacs-time startedDateTime))))))
(setf (jss-tab-get-io tab (get-actor-id 'eventActor)) io)
(jss-console-insert-io console io)))))
(register-actor 'jss-firefox-PageError
:id (get-actor-id 'pageError)
:state :listening))
(jss-with-alist-values (uri title state)
(jss-tab-set-url tab uri)
(jss-tab-set-title tab title)))))))
(defmethod jss-evaluate ((console jss-firefox-console) text)
(lexical-let* ((console console)
(Actor (jss-firefox-console-Actor console))
(connection (jss-firefox-actor-connection Actor )))
(jss-firefox-send-message Actor "evaluateJS" "text" text)
(lambda (response)
(jss-with-alist-values (input result error errorMessage helperResult)
(make-jss-firefox-remote-object connection result))))))
(defclass jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin ()
((Actor :initarg :Actor)
(properties :initarg :properties)))
(defmethod jss-remote-object-class-name ((object jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin))
(cdr (assoc 'className (slot-value object 'properties))))
(defmethod jss-remote-object-label ((object jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin))
(jss-firefox-remote-object-displayString object))
(defmethod jss-firefox-remote-object-displayString ((object jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin))
(cdr (assoc 'displayString (slot-value object 'properties))))
(defclass jss-firefox-remote-object (jss-generic-remote-object jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin)
(defclass jss-firefox-ObjectActor (jss-firefox-actor)
(defclass jss-firefox-remote-function (jss-generic-remote-function jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin)
(defmethod jss-remote-value-description ((function jss-firefox-remote-function))
(replace-regexp-in-string "[ \t\n\r\f]+"
" "
(jss-firefox-remote-object-displayString function)))
(defun make-jss-firefox-remote-object (connection result)
((numberp result)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-number :value result))
((stringp result)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-string :value result))
((eql t result)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-true))
((eql nil result)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-no-value))
((eql :json-false result)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-false))
((consp result)
(jss-with-alist-values (type className actor)
((string= "function" type)
(make-instance 'jss-firefox-remote-function
:Actor (jss-firefox-register-actor connection (make-instance 'jss-firefox-ObjectActor :id actor))
:properties result))
((string= "object" type)
(make-instance 'jss-firefox-remote-object
:Actor (jss-firefox-register-actor connection (make-instance 'jss-firefox-ObjectActor :id actor))
:properties result))
((string= "null" type)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-null))
((string= "undefined" type)
(make-instance 'jss-generic-remote-undefined)))))))
(defmethod jss-remote-object-get-properties ((object jss-firefox-remote-object-mixin) tab)
(lexical-let ((Actor (slot-value object 'Actor)))
; (if (cdr (assoc 'inspectable (slot-value object 'properties)))
; (jss-deferred-then
; (jss-firefox-send-message Actor "inspectProperties")
; (lambda (result)
; (jss-firefox-make-object-properties (jss-firefox-actor-connection Actor) (cdr (assoc 'properties result)))))
; (make-jss-completed-deferred '()))
(jss-firefox-send-message Actor "inspectProperties")
(lambda (result)
(jss-firefox-make-object-properties (jss-firefox-actor-connection Actor) (cdr (assoc 'properties result)))))
(defun jss-firefox-make-object-properties (connection property-array)
(loop for p across property-array
collect (cons (cdr (assoc 'name p))
(make-jss-firefox-remote-object connection (cdr (assoc 'value p))))))
(provide 'jss-browser-firefox)
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