Issues with unescaped strings #54

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thetoine commented Dec 1, 2011

Related to this issue:


Changed singlequotes to quotes in locales config.

Natim commented Dec 2, 2011

Your solution is not good enough, because there will be the same problem with unescape " I will post the problem on Django Code Issue Tracker


sehmaschine commented Jan 16, 2012

is it ok to close this without merging? any objections?

sehmaschine was assigned Jan 16, 2012

Is there a fix for the issue other than mine?


sehmaschine commented Jan 18, 2012

@thetoine: as @Natim already pointed out, your pull-request doesn´t fix it (well, at least not for everybody). or did I miss something?

It does fix the problem with unescaped single quotes in i18n messages.

@Natim Double quotes should be escaped in the .po file no?

Also, that ticket was marked as invalid since

fetzig commented on 17fce34 Feb 1, 2012

IMHO: escaping the strings would be even better.

sehmaschine closed this Mar 6, 2012

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