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Quick start guide

For using Grappelli 2.12.2, Django 2.1 needs to be installed and an Admin Site has to be activated.


$ pip install django-grappelli

Go to if you need to download a package or clone/fork the repository.


Open and add grappelli to your INSTALLED_APPS (before django.contrib.admin):


Add URL-patterns. The grappelli URLs are needed for related–lookups and autocompletes. Your admin interface is available with the URL you defined for

urlpatterns = [
    path('grappelli/', include('grappelli.urls')), # grappelli URLS
    path('admin/',, # admin site

Add the request context processor (needed for the Dashboard and the Switch User feature):

Collect the media files:

$ python collectstatic


Start the devserver and login to your admin site:

$ python runserver <IP-address>:8000

Check if everything looks/works as expected. If you're having problems, see :ref:`troubleshooting`.