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Simple React Markdown Editor

This makes it easy to add a simple markdown editing widget to any TextArea element. example


CodePen Demo


npm install react-simple-markdown-editor


  • Entirely customizable. Modify CSS easily with props, or add custom classes and modify CSS with stylesheets. Define which buttons are visible.
  • The only package dependencies are react and lodash, minimizing risk.


In your code:


import {SimpleMarkdownEditor} from 'react-simple-markdown-editor';


var SimpleMarkdownEditor = require('react-simple-markdown-editor');

In your React render() function:

<SimpleMarkdownEditor textAreaID={"myTextAreaElement"} />

Rendering Markdown

Use another library like react-remarkable in combination with this. Then set the source of the remarkable component to the value of your TextArea element.



SimpleMarkdownEditor.propTypes = {
    // Required props
    textAreaID: PropTypes.string.isRequired,

    // Optional props
    styles: PropTypes.object,
    containerClass: PropTypes.string,
    buttonClass: PropTypes.string,
    enabledButtons: PropTypes.object,
    buttonHtmlText: PropTypes.object,
    additionalProps: PropTypes.object

textAreaID (String, Required): The ID of the TextArea element you want the editor attached to. When you press buttons in this widget, the text in this TextArea will be modified.

styles: (Object, optional): Used to overwrite inline CSS without using your own stylesheets.

Existing properties:

container: {
button: {
    fontFamily: 'Georgia, serif',
    backgroundColor: '#333536',
    color: 'white',
    marginRight: '5px',
    float: 'left',
    width: '25px',
    borderRadius: '4px',
    textAlign: 'center',
    cursor: 'pointer'

For instance, if you want to add a border to each button: <SimpleMarkdownEditor styles={{button: {border: '1px solid green'}}} />

containerClass and buttonClass (String, optional): Provide classes to the container and button elements, so you can overwrite them using your own CSS stylesheets. An alternative to setting the styles prop.

enabledButtons: (Object, optional): Hide any buttons you don't want to show. All of them default to showing. Buttons:

    bold: true,
    italic: true,
    strike: true,
    code: true,
    quote: true,
    h1: true,
    h2: true,
    h3: true,
    bullet: true,
    link: true,
    image: true

For instance, if you want to hide the link button: <SimpleMarkdownEditor enabledButtons={{link: false}} />

buttonHtmlText: (Object, optional): Change the display text of any buttons, including any HTML markup. Defaults:

    bold: 'B',
    italic: '<i>I</i>',
    strike: '<s>S</s>',
    code: '&lt; &gt;',
    quote: '&ldquo; &rdquo;',
    h1: 'H1',
    h2: 'H2',
    h3: 'H3',
    bullet: '&#8226;',
    link: '#',
    image: '[i]'

For instance, if you want to change code to be a square quote to be 2 right arrows: <SimpleMarkdownEditor buttonHtmlText={{code: '&#9633;', quote: '&#8649;'}} />

additionalProps: (Object, optional): Add arbitrary props to any button. For instance: <SimpleMarkdownEditor additionalProps={{bold: {title: "bold"}}} />


MIT, use for free. If you like this, give it a star.


Simple react markdown editor widget you can attach to any TextArea element to provide rich markdown capabilities. Requires few dependencies




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