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Protractor page object for Confluence
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Confluence Protractor Base

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The Confluence® Protractor Base is a simple solution to implement und run UI tests for Atlassian® Confluence®. It provides basic functionality like creating pages, spaces, users and groups as well as login, authenticate as admin and open pages.


npm install confluence-protractor-base

First Steps

  1. Start a local Confluence instance
  2. Checkout the project and switch to the directory
  3. Install requirements
    npm install
  4. Update webdriver manager
    npm run webdriver-update
  5. Start the webdriver manager
    npm run webdriver-start
  6. run UI tests in another console window (e2e means End-to-End)
    npm run test-e2e

Local Confluence instance

First of all you need a local Confluence instance.

The instance should be locally available under http://localhost:1990/confluence (Atlassian® SDK standard)

This can be done via the Atlassian SDK or with a Docker container

Atlassian SDK

Start a local Confluence test instance using the Atlassian® SDK

atlas-run-standalone --product confluence

Docker container

Start a local Confluence® docker instance\

Supported Platforms

We have tested the confluence-protractor-base with

  • Confluence 5.7 - 6.7


See Issues

Known issues

Page edit with synchrony (concurrent editing)

Page edit with synchrony enabled may be unstable. All page objects inheriting from ConfluenceBase have a disableSynchrony() method to prevent problems. Example:

const upm = new UniversalPluginManager();
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