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A short example notebook on how Jupyter voila and ipywidgets like qgrid and bqplot can be used to create an interactive football pitch.
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Interactive Football Pitch Using Jupyter Voila

Jupyter voila allows to serve Jupyter notebooks, and especially ipywidgets, as standalone applications. This repository contains an example notebook which uses qgrid and bqplot to create a simple interactive football pitch. You can test it live in Binder or run it locally.

The deployed notebook can be found here: Notebook on Heroku
(Be patient, it might need some time to spin up the dyno on Heroku.)

Voila in Binder


Notebook in Binder


Local installation

To run the example notebook, first create a conda environment.

conda env update

This creates an environment voila-football-pitch which can be used in a jupyter notebook. Next, activate the environment and start the voila server.

conda activate voila-football-pitch

or run the notebook by

voila Interactive-Football-Pitch.ipynb

Deployment on Heroku

You can easily deploy the notebook to Heroku following these steps: First, follow the setup steps on Heroku: here Then run

heroku create
git push heroku master
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