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OBS build kernels for non-SUSE distributions

The OBS can use the distribution's kenrel for build VMs, however it needs to be prepared for this task. So for newer SUSE distributions, there is a package kernel-obs-build, which does exactly that.

Basically the original kernel is copied to

/.build.kernel.kvm  # KVM worker version, usually kernel-default
/.build.kernel.xen  # Xen worker version, usually kernel-xen

and two initrds are generated, namely .build.initrd.xen and .build.initrd.kvm

These spec files here try to do the same for non-SUSE distributions.

Note that I have split kernel-obs-build into two packages: kernel-obs-build and dracut-obs-build, with the former BuildRequiring the latter. This is to avoid the need of root rights for rpm building, which needs admin access to your build service installation.

So how to use this? Create a package kernel-obs-build in your project, add the .spec and .changes files and commit. Then osc linkpac yourproject kernel-obs-build yourproject dracut-obs-build. The two packages should now build one after another. Then edit your project config with osc meta prjconf -e yourproject and add the line VMInstall: obs-kernel-build. From now on, the distro kernel is used for building.

Good Luck :-)