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Quality of Life

An app should solve a problem faced by the authors of the app. What problem do you face?

I work in Ecully, near Lyon, with frequent travel by train to Paris. My wife works in Saint-Etienne, 60km from Ecully. Where would it be most comfortable for us to live? Saint Etienne, Ecully, Lyon, somewhere in the middle?


Figure 1. Saint Etienne to Ecully google map


Besides commuting time, the answer will depend on many preferences we have: price of rent we can afford, air pollution (we have a kid with asthma), proximity to services, parks and cultural activities, quality of schools …​ The usual real estate search engines just never cover all this. So we are left to fiddle as we can, looking at maps and real estate websites, discussing with friends and neighbours, but never with a real clue.

Quality of life is for households like us who’d like better information on where they could find the best place to live!


  • Creating a geographical map of the places where quality of life is the best.

  • What is a good quality of life depends on the user’s choice of parameters.

Use cases

  • ranking of best cities to live in

  • how does your city rank?

  • is your home the best place to live in a 20km radius?

  • heatmap of the quality of life in a given region.

  • given the rent you pay / the price of your place, list of 10 places at same price or cheaper with better quality of life.

  • given your work location, what are the best neighborhoods to live in

  • listing and analysis of the factors boosting the quality of life in your city / place + factors decreasing it.


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