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pssac v0.1.1 works for GMT 5.2.1 only.


  1. fix a bug of -E option 3cfc794
  2. fix LICENSE: change from GPL to LGPL 3e553a9
  3. add LICENSE for sacio 7427997


  1. Works for MacOSX 3b70be4



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pssac v0.1.0 works for GMT 5.2.1 only.


$ gmt pssac -
pssac(sac) 5.2.1 (r15220) [64-bit] [MP] - Plot seismograms in SAC format on maps

usage: pssac <saclist>|<sacfiles> -J<args> -R<west>/<east>/<south>/<north>[/<zmin>/<zmax>][r]
    [-B<args>] [-C[<t0>/<t1>]] [-D<dx>[/<dy>]] [-Ea|b|k|d|n[<n>]|u[<n>]] [-F[i][q][r]]
    [-G[p|n][+g<fill>][+t<t0>/<t1>][+z<zero>]] [-K] [-M<size>/<alpha>] [-O] [-P]
    [-T[+t<tmark>][+r<reduce_vel>][+s<shift>]] [-U[<just>/<dx>/<dy>/][c|<label>]] [-V[<level>]]
    [-W<pen>] [-X[a|c|r]<xshift>[<unit>]] [-Y[a|c|r]<yshift>[<unit>]] [-c<ncopies>]
    [-h[i|o][<nrecs>][+c][+d][+r<remark>][+t<title>]] [-t<+a|[-]n>] [-m<sec_per_measuer>] [-v]

GMT Common options

  • -B: Specify frame and axes parameters
  • -J: Select map projection
  • -K: Append more PS later
  • -O: This is an overlay plot
  • -P: Select portrait orientation
  • -R: Specify region of interest
  • -U: Plot time-stamp on maps
  • -V: verbose mode
  • -X: shift plot origin in x-direction
  • -Y: shift plot origin in y-direction
  • -c: specify the number of copies
  • -h: input file have header records
  • -t: layer transparency

Options specific to pssac


Cut data in timewindow between <t0> and <t1>.

<t0> and <t1> are relative to a reference time specified by -T. If -T option is not specified, use reference time in SAC header instead. If only -C is used, <t0>/<t1> is determined as xmin/xmax from -R option.


Offset seismogram locations by the given mount <dx>/<dy> [Default is no offset]. If <dy> is not given it is set equal to <dx>.


Determine profile type (the type of Y axis).

  • a: azimuth profile
  • b: back-azimuth profile
  • k: epicentral distance (in km) profile
  • d: epicentral distance (in degree) profile
  • n: traces are numbered from to +N in y-axis, default value of is 0
  • u: Y location is determined from SAC header user, default using user0.


Data preprocess before plotting.

  • i: integral
  • q: square
  • r: remove mean value

i|q|r can repeat mutiple times. -Frii will convert accerate to displacement. The order of i|q|r controls the order of the data processing.


Paint positive or negative portion of traces.

If only -G is used, default to fill the positive portion black.

  • [p|n] controls the painting of postive portion or negative portion. Repeat -G option to specify fills for positive and negative portions, respectively.
  • +g<fill>: color to fill
  • +t<t0>/<t1>: paint traces between t0 and t1 only. The reference time of t0 and t1 is determined by -T option.
  • +z<zero>: define zero line. From <zero> to top is positive portion, from <zero> to bottom is negative portion.


Vertical scaling.

  • <size>[u]: each trace will scaled to <size>[u]. The default unit is PROJ_LENGTH_UNIT. The scale factor is defined as yscale = size*(north-south)/(depmax-depmin)/map_height
  • <size>/<alpha>:
    • <alpha> < 0, use the same scale factor for all trace. The scale factor scale the first trace to <size>[u]
    • <alpha> = 0, yscale=size, no unit is allowed.
    • <alpha> > 0, yscale=size*r^alpha, r is the distance range in km.


Time alignment and shift.

  • +t<tmark>: align all trace along time mark. are -5(b), -3(o), -2(a), 0-9(t0-t9).
  • +r<reduce_vel>: reduce velocity in km/s.
  • +s<shift>: shift all traces by seconds


Set pen attribution [Default pen is default,black].


Time scaling while plotting on maps.


Plot traces vertically.