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If the game whitescreens for you (in Chrome), please disable hardware acceleration.


  • Meta-currency (and benefits)
    • SP (every turn taken = 1 step)
      • Assignable behaviors & more behavior types
      • More starting equipment (unlock certain starting equipment tiers)
      • Temporary enchantments, blessings, uncursings, etc (spent in the meta, apply to current game only)
      • Better tombstones (per character)
      • More border style choices (style = character[s] + color)
      • Higher SP multiplier
      • Game speed slider
    • KP (monsters are worth different amounts of points)
      • Stronger monsters (ie, their stats are overall better)
      • Expand item drop variety (ie, their starting equipment is better)
      • Higher KP multiplier
    • VP (you get points for surviving the dungeon, your conduct is worth lots of points)
      • More floor types (caves, mines, towns, etc) (see here for possible branch types)
      • Better items generated on the floor (more charges, enchanted, some items removed from the pool, etc)
      • Possibly unlock a dungeon editor (you can rearrange what floors are in what order, and how many of them spawn)
      • Guaranteed N artifact generations
      • Higher VP multiplier
  • Achievements (worth VP, some worth recurring VP to a lesser extent)
    • Beat game with one party member @ level X (10, 25, 50, 100)
    • Beat game with one party member where dungeon size >= X (10, 25, 50, 100)
    • Unlock all Y (Y = party member slots, behaviors, traits, classes, races, colors, pets, dungeon floor types, dungeon features)
    • Get a dungeon of size X (10, 20, 30, 40, 50...)
    • Customize a player (template slot | color | pet | tombstone)
    • Deck out a player (template slot, color, pet, tombstone)
    • Get an item enchanted to +5, +7, +9


  • Analysis tool to make sure stats/etc are declared properly (they may need to be moved to the prototype so they can be imported)
  • Assertions, unit tests, logging, general code refactoring / cleanup
  • IRC bot (Selyk) to announce major events (deaths, etc)
  • Track statistics (games played, monsters killed, killed by, total SP/KP/VP, features interacted with [doors opened, etc])
  • Refactor / reorg / unit tests for classes
  • Conventional changelog for bump/release
  • Import/export savefile and reset game
  • More messages! Make sure the messages line up with with the game better, ie, show:
    • descend
    • game over
    • other special events (sitting on a throne, interacting with a fountain, etc)

Idea Bucket (TBD)

  • Should the number of floors and what each floor was factor into VP? Probably. Same with player level.
  • Gravestones should use deaths from other players to spawn occasionally. also, they should get a death message. maybe also store deaths in the firebase
  • Chests and other containers
  • More intricate death messages ("while asleep" "while stunned")
  • Catchable ammo, recoverable ammo
  • Gems: random category, unidentifiable until the end of the game
  • Scrolls: only usable by players? (ie, not the characters in the dungeon)
  • Traps in the dungeon (also implement levitation)
  • Deities (also, add altars as dungeon features and temples as possible rooms)
  • Conflict trait
  • More floor types such as this
  • More victory types leading through various dungeons (similar to SelykAltar, generate a few extra floors at the bottom)
  • Possibly allow people to use a slider to determine the relative generatability of room types
  • Allow fountains to also spurt out pools onto the floor
  • Themed rooms (Oracle room, Throne room, Bathroom, Graveyard)
  • Artifact Weapons
  • Reflection (and an amulet, cloak)
  • Magic resistance (for some monsters, and a cloak)
  • Forgetful trait - you can only know what you see, the rest you forget (ie, explored hash is useless)
  • Use known healing potions or use random potions when dying (also, allow people to manually use potions)
  • heavy weapons (maces, greatmaces) that have knockback on their attacks (or bonus damage if the target is against a wall)
  • Random colored stars on the respawn screen
  • Random dungeon afflictions/bonuses (+120% SP gain, -3 con, etc)
  • Pick better spells randomly
    • Potions as well (possibly, players interact with these things)
    • don't always pick healing potions -- random potions if healing is not identified -- maybe some kind of weighting for situations to try new things? "danger sense"?
    • implement more spellbooks and wands that incorporate buffs (possibly if you're not in combat, attempt to buff yourself, based on the buffs you have)
  • Polymorph self
    • Chameleons can do this
  • Corrision
    • -1 enchantLevel hit with a corrosionPercent chance of happening, adds "corroded" to name if < 0
    • add CorrodesWhenHit and a corrosion attribute to the attack that both do the same thing. Or maybe a CorrodeOnHit behavior?
    • Black Pudding
    • only affects corrodable items
  • Burning
    • on a burn attack, everything has a chance of burning (if burnable), or explode (if explodable)
  • More dungeon types
    • Mines
    • Town (arena with shops in it, or a digger with empty spaces/corridor spaces replaced with basic tile)
    • Big Room
    • Fortress
    • Swamp
    • Flooded
    • Castle
    • Lava floes
  • figure out instance decorators for materials, glyphs, slotsTaken, etc