A board game creation tool.
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deck.zone Build Status

Running deck.zone

  • clone the repo
  • npm install
  • npm start

Working on deck.zone

  • play around in src

Working on the Decklang Ace theme

  • see src/decklang/ace

Working on Decklang

  • the Decklang grammar is in decklang/ (it is parsed with nearley), and can be rebuilt by running npm run build:lang
    • decklang.ne is the main file, including all of the plugins and primitives
    • loops.ne contains the loop implementation
    • primitives.ne contains all of the language primitives
    • primitives_advanced.ne contains all of the language primitives that are built on other primitives, or are lists used directly by plugins
    • plugins/ contains all of the directives used by Decklang
  • Decklang has a test program that showcases all of its current features in decklang/test/testdeck.js and can be tested by running npm run test:lang
  • src/decklang/decklang.js is the outputted grammar for the language and is rebuilt every time Decklang is rebuilt
  • src/decklang/decklangparser.js handles processing and pre-processing of any given script for Decklang
  • src/decklang/plugins.json is a list of all plugins (from decklang/plugins/) that is built automatically when Decklang is rebuilt