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Add ability to right yUML diagrams directly into a discourse post.
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Add ability to write yUML class diagrams directly into a discourse post.

Example of yUML diagram in discourse



To install in docker, add the following to your app.yml in the plugins section:

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - mkdir -p plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone

and rebuild docker via

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app


From your main discourse do:

cd plugins
git clone
cd ..

Rebake Posts

rake posts:rebake


Currently, it only supports yUML class diagrams.


A yUML diagram can be specified as so

[Class] -> [AnotherClass]

Which should give you a diagram like so

Picture of post editor with example

You can now specify the type of diagram you wish to draw via the type argument

For example to start a yuml activity diagram you can do the following:

[yuml type=activity]

The following types are supported:

  • class - For class diagrams
  • activity - For activity diagrams
  • usecase - For use case diagrams

If no type is specified, then class is used by default

The different diagram styles for can also be specified via the style argument

For example

[yuml style=plain]

The supported styles are:

  • scruffy
  • plain
  • boring

If none is specified then by default scruffy is used.

These options can also be combined:

[yuml type=class style=plain]


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