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swrcfit (SWRC Fit) - Fitting soil water retention curve

SWRC Fit is a program which performs nonlinear fitting of soil water retention curve with 6 SWRC models by Levenberg-Marquardt method. This software was used in more than 80 scientific works. Basic information of this program is summarized:

From version 2.0, you can check installed version by swrcfit -v. A new model, Fredlund and Xing (1994) model, was added to version 3.0.

This file is written in markdown language and online version is better for browzing. User's manual of SWRC fit for each version is available here:


How to install

Choose your OS to install.

Running the program

In your terminal, run the program with

swrcfit DataFile [setting]...

where DataFile is a filename of the data file, and setting is the calculation options. The blanket [ ] indicates that it is not required, and ... indicates that multiple settings can be specified.

If you use the sample data in the source package, swrc.txt (download), by swrcfit swrc.txt, sample result which is included as result.txt in the package is shown as follows. See equations and parameters here. Please note that q represents θ.

=== BC model ===
qs =  0.38316
qr =  0.047638
hb =  41.704
lambda =  7.0104
R2 =  0.99279
=== VG model ===
qs =  0.38671
qr =  0.055302
alpha =  0.021563
n =  15.913
R2 =  0.99247
=== LN model ===
qs =  0.38625
qr =  0.056346
hm =  46.631
sigma =  0.10818
R2 =  0.99167
=== FX model ===
qs =  0.38442
qr =  0.034417
a =  44.142
m =  1.1128
n =  24.028
R2 =  0.99414

Preparation of data file

The input data, i.e., the soil water retention curve, should be prepared as a text file with two columns. Sample data is included in the source package as swrc.txt (download). The first column is the suction head and the second column is the volumetric water content, where space is used as a delimiter. For example;

0 0.2628
20 0.237
30 0.223
40 0.211
50 0.2035
70 0.1855
100 0.169
200 0.151
430 0.1399
640 0.131
1050 0.1159

Lines beginning with "#" are regarded as comment and neglected. Any unit can be used as the input data, and the calculated data depends on the unit used as the input data.

Optionally, the data file can have the third column. When it has the third column, it is interpreted as a weight for each data point.

For example,

0 0.2628 1
20 0.237 1
40 0.211 1
70 0.1855 1
100 0.169 1
1050 0.1159 3

This data has weight of 1 for the suction of 0, 20, 40, 70, 100 and 3 for the suction of 1050.

Calculation options

Calculation options can be specified from command line option in the form of parameter=value. Calculation option can also be specified with a file where calculation options are written. If the option involves a character =, swrcfit evaluates the given equation. If the option does not have = character, swrcfit understands that it is a filename and reads setting from the specified file.

Here, some examples of calculation options are shown.

Calculation option Meaning
bc=0 ln=0 Not calculate BC or LN models (therefore showing VG and FX models)
mode=2 Bimodal models (DB and BL models)
mode=3 bc=0 vg=0 ln=1 fx=0 db=0 bl=1 LN and BL models
qsin=0.35 cqs=0 θs=0.35 is constant
qrin=0.03 cqr=0 θr=0.03 is constant
aic=1 Show AIC (Akaike's information criteria)

For example, when this command is executed,

swrcfit swrc.txt mode=3 bc=0 vg=0 ln=1 fx=0 db=0 bl=1 aic=1

Fitting of LN and BL models are conducted with the input parameters in swrc.txt, show also AIC.

Please read detailed description of calculation options.

Drawing graph

SWRC curve can be drawn when properly installed and proper figure options are given. Please see detailed instruction for drawing graph with gnuplot.

Sample output of figure.


Web interface

The Web interface of the SWRC Fit ( is written in the program language perl and works as a cgi program. The perl program invokes GNU octave and executes the calculation engine of swrcfit.

Web interface

More information about the web interface.

Citation of this work

Please cite this paper when you publish your work using SWRC Fit.

  • Seki, K. (2007) SWRC fit - a nonlinear fitting program with a water retention curve for soils having unimodal and bimodal pore structure. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 4: 407-437. doi:10.5194/hessd-4-407-2007

BibTeX and EndNote files are also available.


Here you can find a list of questions and answers about swrcfit. You can submit your own question by getting the accout of GitHub and pressing the green "New Issue" button. Please select the label of "question". It is preferable to send your question publicly this way, because other people having the same question can find answer on the web. However, if your question is confidential, please contact me by email. You can find my email address in this paper.

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