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Install SWRC Fit on Mac OS X

  1. Read requirement for homebrew and install Xcode.
  2. Install Homebrew.
  3. Check if Java is installed on your system by running this command in terminal: java -version. If you get the message java: command not found, download the latest version of Java and install it, because Octave requires Java.
  4. Run this command in terminal:
    • brew tap homebrew/science; brew install swrcfit
    • For installing the developing version brew tap homebrew/science; brew install --HEAD swrcfit

When running swrcfit, if you get error message as warning: 'leasqr' undefined near line ... column ..., please run the following command from Terminal.

octave -q --eval "pkg install -forge struct optim"

After installation of swrcfit with homebrew, you can always upgrade to the latest version by brew update; brew upgrade.

For drawing graph with gnuplot, you must set the environment variable GNUTERM. You can choose from x11, qt and aqua. Set GNUTERM=qt for example.

SWRC Fit user's manual