Set of Django tools that are nonrel-compatible
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Djangotoolbox, a common API for running Django on non-relational/NoSQL databases

Documentation at

In djangotoolbox.db you can find base classes for writing non-relational DB backends. Read `Writing a non-relational Django backend`_ for more information.

In djangotoolbox.fields you can find several common field types for non-relational DB backends (ListField, SetField, DictField, RawField, BlobField).

The djangotoolbox.admin module provides admin overrides for making django.contrib.auth work correctly in the admin UI. Simply add 'djangotoolbox' to INSTALLED_APPS after django.contrib.admin. This will disable features that require JOINs. If you still need permission handling you should use the nonrel permission backend.


You are highly encouraged to participate in the development, simply use GitHub's fork/pull request system.

If you don't like GitHub (for some reason) you're welcome to send regular patches to the mailing list.

Mailing list:
Bug tracker:
License:3-clause BSD, see LICENSE
Keywords:django, app engine, mongodb, orm, nosql, database, python