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evpsgi -- PSGI implementation with libevent httpd
Libevent provides, along with a basic API, http server API. Back in the days
when we discussed differences between PSGI/spec and Plack/implementation,
I decided to embed Perl into libevent httpd to keep diversions of PSGI
implementation. I thought that would help people understand what the PSGI is.
evpsgi is pretty fast because of libevent advantages and a direct embedding.
Although there are some limitations such as a lack of psgi.streaming support,
multi-thread and more, you can enjoy hacking this tiny code.
-- Libevent, (libevent-dev)
-- Perl,
./configure [--with-libevent=/usr/local] [--with-perl=/usr/local/bin/perl]
sudo make install
See Also:
-- PSGI,
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