A micro api client for writing scripts against the TypePad API
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tpconsole is a small TypePad api client for use in python scripts.

You can install tpconsole using pip:

pip install typepad
pip install tpconsole

Quick Start Guide


For many api calls, you will need to authenticate your script with TypePad. tpconsole makes this easy by providing an authenticate function. For example:

import tpconsole


During the authentication process, a browser window will be opened where you can enter in your TypePad login credentials. After logging in, you can close the browser window. Your script will continue executing in the background.

More Authentication Options

By default, fbconsole will make all it's requests as the tpconsole TypePad app. If you want the requests to be made by your own TypePad application, you must modify the CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, APP_ID setting. For example:

tpconsole.CONSUMER_KEY = '<your-consumer-key>'
tpconsole.CONSUMER_SECRET = '<your-consumer-secret>'
tpconsole.APP_ID = '<your-app-id>'

For the authentication flow to work, you must configure your TypePad application correctly by setting the "URL" option to on http://www.typepad.com/account/access/developer

Other Options

There are two other options you can specify.

  • SERVER_PORT controls which port the local server runs on. If you modify this, make sure your applications settings on TypePad, specifically "URL", reflect the port number you are using. The default is 8080.

  • ACCESS_TOKEN_FILE controls where the access token gets stored on the file system. The default is .tp_access_token.


For issues pertaining to tpconsole only, use the issue tracker on github. For issues with the TypePad JSON API or other aspects of TypePad's platform, please refer to the developer docs

License Information

Based on fbconsole by Paul Carduner, Facebook https://github.com/facebook/fbconsole

tpconsole is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0