helper module to allow you to use webassets with django.views.static.serve
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webassets-dynamic is a library to allow you to use webassets with django projects where django.views.static.serve is in use. This is common when static files live in and are served out of shared "apps."

If your django app or its dependencies (django apps in those deps) have url rules like the following, this is what you need.

url(r'^static/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve',
{'document_root': join(dirname(__file__), 'static')}, name='static')

The module provides a single extral function dynamic_assets. It accepts two parameters. The first is the static view's name ('static' in the above rule.) The second parameter is the location of the file within the static-directory, the same as you'd use when creating a url.

Generally this module is set up to manually create and check-in the bundled files. To do that you'll just run the normal ./ assets rebuild and then check in the results.

You will need to configure the following values in your

# where you want to place the resulting output ASSETS_ROOT = os.path.join(ROOT_DIR, 'skin/static/') # the uri at which ^^ is served (can't dynamically get this b/c there may be # multiple statics) STATIC_URL = '/static/' # do not automatically update the packaged assets at runtime (they'll only # be creatd when you run ./ assets rebuild) generating them on the # fly might work, but it's currently untested/not supported. ASSETS_UPDATER = False # by default set ASSETS_DEBUG to DEBUG, meaning that when we're in debug # mode we'll get the expanded list of individual js/css files with their # dynamic paths. ASSETS_DEBUG = DEBUG

An example using this module follows:

from django_assets import Bundle, register from webassets_dynamic import dynamic_assets from os.path import join

register('js_all', Bundle(
dynamic_assets('sharedappjs', 'js/jquery.min.js'), dynamic_assets('sharedappjs', 'js/log.js'), dynamic_assets('static', 'js/app.js'), filters=['jsmin'], output=join('js', 'js_all.js')))
register('css_all', Bundle(
dynamic_assets('static', 'css/screen.css'), filters=['cssrewrite', 'cssmin'], output=join('css', 'css_all.css')))