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Enhancement over Rust's `std::collections::BinaryHeap`. Supports other than max heap.
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Enhancement over Rust's std::collections::BinaryHeap.

It supports the following features and still maintains backward compatibility.

  • Max heap
  • Min heap
  • Heap ordered by closure
  • Heap ordered by key generated by closure

You can change the line

use std::collections::BinaryHeap;

to like below.

use binary_heap_plus::*;

Your code will compile as before unless you use unstable APIs.

This crate requires Rust 1.26 or later.

Added muthods


  • (original) ::new() // creates a max heap
  • ::new_min() // creates a min heap
  • ::new_by(f) // creates a heap ordered by the given closure f
  • ::new_by_key(g) // creates a heap ordered by key generated by the given closure g


  • (original) ::with_capacity(n) // creates a max heap with capacity n
  • ::with_capacity_min(n) // creates a min heap with capacity n
  • ::with_capacity_by(n, f) // creates a heap with capacity n, ordered by the given closure f
  • ::with_capacity_by_key(n, g) // creates a heap with capacity n, ordered by key generated by the given closure g


Currently, the From<Vec<T>> trait is implemented for max heap only. If you add generic impl for other heaps, the existing code breaks, requires slight modification such as type annotation.

To maintain good compatibility with std version, ::from_vec() method was added for the same purpose.



  • [COMPATIBILITY CHANGE] Use Compare trait from compare crate instead of our own definition. Most users should not be affected by this. TIP: External Compare<T> impls needs to be updated to use Fn instead of FnMut.
  • [COMPATIBILITY CHANGE] rename feature serde1 to serde in order to comply with the guideline:
  • Refactor ctor impl.


  • Add generic constructor from_vec() and from_vec_cmp().
  • Refactor other ctor to call above methods.


  • Add serde1 feature which adds Serialize/Deserialize


  • Merge #1) Do not require T: Ord when a custom comparator is provided


  • Add comprehensive CI based on trust CI template v0.1.2
  • tweaks.


  • Cargo.toml tweaks


  • I received many valuable feedback from Pre-RFC thread [1].
    • The current design is based on @ExpHP's suggestion that compiles on stable compiler.
    • DDOtten, steven099, CAD97, ExpHP, scottmcm, Nemo157 and gnzlbg, thanks for looking into the design!
  • @ulysseB sent me a first pull request!
  • @inesseq contributed feature serde1.


See the following discussions for the background of the crate:

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